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Market performance for the NSE All-Share Index and share prices of the Nigerian Stock Exchange's listed companies.Live trading information for the Nigerian Stock Exchange
NSE-ASI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
25,454.93 (-59.10)-1,161.96 (4.37%)NGN 8,807.02bn

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), founded in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange, services the largest economy in Africa. It provides access to capital for Nigerian and international companies that take advantage of the capital market to fund their strategic business expansion. A registered company limited by guarantee, the NSE is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria and licensed under the Investments and Securities Act. All listings are included in the NSE All-Share Index, which was formulated in January 1984 with a base value of 100. Only ordinary shares are included in the computation of this index. The NSE is a founding member of the African Securities Exchanges Association and also a foundation member of the World Economic Forum.

NSE-ASI ▾59.10 (0.23%)3 days ago
Monetary values are quoted in Nigerian Naira (NGN) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies

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7UPSeven-Up Bottling Company Plc115,10576.01-3.99
ABBEYBDSAbbey Mortgage Bank Plc--1.25--
ABCTRANSAssociated Bus Company1,0000.50+0.00
ACADEMYAcademy Press--0.50--
ACCESSAccess Bank Plc12,778,2476.10+0.17
AFRIKAfrik Pharmaceuticals--0.50--
AFRINSUREAfrican Alliance Insurance--0.50--
AFRIPRUDAfrica Prudential Registrars828,3952.29-0.01
AFROMEDIAAfromedia Plc--0.50--
AFRPAINTSAfrican Paints (Nigeria)--2.47--
AGLEVENTAG Leventis & Co Plc49,7200.75+0.00
AIICOAiico Insurance Plc6,705,0140.55-0.01
AIRSERVICEAirline Services & Logistics9,0003.10+0.00
ALEXAluminium Extrusion Industries--9.75--
ANINOAnino International Plc--0.25--
ARBICOArbico Plc--4.79--
ASHAKACEMAshaka Cement Plc61,9989.50+0.00
ASOSAVINGSAso Savings & Loans--0.50--
AUSTINLAZAustin Laz & Company--2.09--
AVONCROWNAvon Crowncaps & Containers--1.14--
BECOPETROBeco Petroleum Products Plc--0.50--
BERGERBerger Paints7,5226.38+0.00
BETAGLASBeta Glass Company83242.18+0.00
BOCGASB.O.C. Gases--3.52--
CADBURYCadbury Nigeria393,1777.49+0.00
CAPCAP Plc3,10028.20+0.00
CAPHOTELCapital Hotel Plc--3.70--
CAPOILCapital Oil Plc--0.50--
CAVERTONCaverton Offshore Support Group1000.93+0.00
CCNNCement Company of North Nigeria6,2004.70+0.00
CHAMPIONChampion Breweries1232.40+0.00
CHAMSChams Plc5000.50+0.00
CHELLARAMChellarams Plc--3.41--
CILEASINGC&I Leasing Plc4,023,8950.50+0.00
CONOILConoil Plc5,93335.00+0.00
CONTINSUREContinental Reinsurance130,2001.14-0.05
CORNERSTCornerstone Insurance Company8000.50+0.00
COURTVILLECourteville Business Solutions5000.50+0.00
CUSTODYINSCustodian & Allied Plc2,641,8413.20-0.11
CUTIXCutix Plc3,0001.62+0.00
CWGComputer Warehouse Group--2.54--
DAARCOMMDaar Communications--0.50--
DANGCEMDangote Cement29,742165.00+0.00
DANGFLOURDangote Flour Mills Plc174,7863.58+0.00
DANGSUGARDangote Sugar Refinery279,0526.16-0.02
DEAPCAPDeap Capital Management & Trust--0.50--
DIAMONDBNKDiamond Bank7,057,6600.86-0.04
DUNLOPDN Tyre & Rubber Plc--0.50--
EKOCORPEkocorp Plc--3.21--
ELLAHLAKESEllah Lakes Plc--4.26--

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NSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017: At the end of the last trading session of the week on the massive Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), a total of 346,026,965 shares, corresponding to a market value of NGN 2,330,411,203.09, were traded. (39 symbols participated in trading.) As a result of the various stock price changes, the NSE All-Share Index (NSE-ASI) lost 59.10 (0.23%) points to close at 25,454.93, representing a year-to-date loss of 4.37%. Critical stock market analysts predict that the NSE-ASI will further depreciate by 45.22 (0.18%) points at the end of the next day of trading. This is the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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Comments (10)

  1. VirtueVirtue
    Feb 21, 2017 20:31 GMT

    I can't find what I need

    May 21, 2015 20:29 GMT


  3. ngozingozi
    Nov 24, 2015 14:59 GMT

    Capital Market is just a disaster for now, it has crashed like never before..just hope one would be able to recover from this recent huge loses

    1. KreesKrees
      Feb 8, 2016 12:12 GMT

      Market crash! What crash? What disaster? Be positive. Take the long-term view and, if you have the funds, position yourself to reap bountifully. This is a rare chance to enter or double down on some good stocks - Nestle, Dangcem, Zenith, GTbank, NB - that are yet turning profits a midst the seeming down turn and blood letting in the market.

    2. Engr AdesanoyeEngr Adesanoye
      Jul 12, 2016 15:37 GMT

      Like most stock markets around the world ,rise and fall are not unusual,It is worthy of note that the ills of the past (round tripping, price manipulation,arbitrary pricing, even trading on the shares of companies, that are known to be bankrupt, etc etc) are now eradicated.So far so good.

  4. Joshua JinaduJoshua Jinadu
    Aug 2, 2016 18:24 GMT

    Mrkt is like d missing Malaysia Airline dt crashed into the sea nd yet to b found. I hv lost over #2m bcos of ds yeye tn

  5. ADEJOBI ISREAL a.k.a One NationADEJOBI ISREAL a.k.a One Nation
    Aug 3, 2016 12:39 GMT

    One have to be consistently endeavors for how capital market is for this period. What goes around will surely comes around.

  6. Engr. ChimereEngr. Chimere
    Oct 20, 2016 13:03 GMT

    I am just beginning to jump-start my interest again in the stock market after losing a portfolio worth about N17m. However, I think the market remains promising, with so many cheap stocks that have long term prospects.
    I also think that this is the right time to build a portfolio that will deliver robust returns in the long term. I will advise that investors should keep their eyes on long term returns because the current economic recession will not last forever. I am currently re-building my portfolio with long term highly capitalised stocks for my retirement.

  7. Philemon AyubaPhilemon Ayuba
    Jan 19, 2017 14:07 GMT

    As long as uncertainty & chocolate economics remains our economic policy real growth will continue to evade our Shores until certainty is restored to our economic policy. NSE will continue to be one of the weeping baby as ever. SEC/NSE must address situations where captains become richer than the companies they manage if internal progress is to be achieved. No matter the Nigerian inflation rate real profits are possible only if insider induced cost centers give way to prudence in all listed firms. This evidence is visible in a few trusted firms where prudence is the ships captain with worst culprits coming from the financial sector of the market. May God liberate & safe the small investors for good

  8. Philemon AyubaPhilemon Ayuba
    Jan 19, 2017 14:15 GMT

    It is very unfortunate that most Nigerians continue to refer to our economy as being in state of RECESSION which is an occurrence within 6 months whereas DEPRESSION is anything above 6 months. Please Note

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