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Live trading information for Nigerian Stock ExchangeLive trading information for Nigerian Stock Exchange
NSE-ASI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
30,654.94 (+436.80)-775.56 (2.47%)NGN 13.32Tr

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), founded in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange, services the largest economy in Africa. A registered company limited by guarantee, the Exchange provides access to capital for Nigerian companies seeking to take advantage of the capital market to fund their business expansion. Since the deregulation of the Nigerian capital market in 1993, foreign capital has freely been allowed to flow into the country enabling investors of all nationalities to participate. Also, to enhance liquidity, the NSE has operated an automated trading system since 1999, allowing dealers to trade live through a network of computers connected to its central terminal. All listed companies on the NSE are included in the NSE All-Share Index (launched in 1984 with a base value of 100) - the benchmark index for the Nigerian stock market. Stock prices and indices are published daily by the NSE on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Price List.

NSE-ASI ▴ 436.80 (1.45%)
18 minutes ago
Top Gainers (12)Bottom Losers (25)
Monetary values are quoted in Naira (NGN) unless otherwise stated

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The NSE maintains three categories of listing: the Premium Board, the elite group of companies that meet stringent corporate governance, capitalization, and liquidity criteria; Main Board, the larger companies who are admitted to the bourse based on profitability or market capitalization; and Alternative Securities Market (ASeM), the smaller, high-growth emerging businesses. The NSE listed companies below incorporate companies from all stock market segments.

ABBEYBDSAbbey Mortgage Bank Plc--0.90--
ABCTRANSAssociated Bus Company2,102,5000.29+0.02
ACADEMYAcademy Press--0.30--
ACCESSAccess Bank Plc8,245,0866.00+0.00
AFRINSUREAfrican Alliance Insurance--0.20--
AFRIPRUDAfrica Prudential Plc269,2663.94--
AFROMEDIAAfromedia Plc--0.41--
AGLEVENTAG Leventis & Co Plc4,5000.28--
AIICOAiico Insurance Plc123,7440.66--
ALEXAluminium Extrusion Industries--8.20--
ANINOAnino International Plc--0.25--
ARBICOArbico Plc--4.79--
ASOSAVINGSAso Savings & Loans--0.50--
AUSTINLAZAustin Laz & Company--2.09--
BERGERBerger Paints25,4277.35--
BETAGLASBeta Glass Company1,01069.70--
BOCGASB.O.C. Gases--4.16--
CADBURYCadbury Nigeria23,17910.35--
CAPCAP Plc513,19034.00+0.00
CAPHOTELCapital Hotel Plc--3.05--
CAPOILCapital Oil Plc--0.23--
CAVERTONCaverton Offshore Support Group201,9402.45--
CCNNCement Company of North Nigeria3,11014.00--
CHAMPIONChampion Breweries136,6001.10-0.07
CHAMSChams Plc917,0130.36-0.02
CHELLARAMChellarams Plc--3.08--
CHIPLCConsolidated Hallmark Insurance1,846,0430.27-0.02
CILEASINGC&I Leasing Plc14,9007.20--
CONOILConoil Plc84,34220.15+0.05
CONTINSUREContinental Reinsurance--1.91--
CORNERSTCornerstone Insurance Company--0.20--
COURTVILLECourteville Business Solutions1,515,2000.23-0.02
CUSTODIANCustodian & Allied Plc45,8516.00--
CUTIXCutix Plc23,5001.65--
CWGComputer Warehouse Group--2.54--
DAARCOMMDAAR Communications Plc--0.40--
DANGCEMDangote Cement5,978,933188.00+3.00
DANGFLOURDangote Flour Mills Plc560,65816.45+0.10
DANGSUGARDangote Sugar Refinery3,539,06013.45+0.05
DEAPCAPDeap Capital Management & Trust--0.44--
DUNLOPDN Tyre & Rubber Plc--0.20--
EKOCORPEkocorp Plc--3.37--
ELLAHLAKESEllah Lakes Plc--4.26--
ENAMELWANigerian Enamelware Plc--22.10--
ETERNAEterna Plc22,1144.00--
ETIEcobank Transnational Inc.155,2249.15-0.85
ETRANZACTE-Tranzact International5002.38--
EVANSMEDEvans Medical Plc--0.50--
FBNHFBN Holdings Plc2,799,5636.95+0.05
FCMBFCMB Group Plc510,7041.66+0.05
FIDELITYBKFidelity Bank4,290,3031.65-0.01
FIDSONFidson Healthcare--4.60--
FIRSTALUMFirst Aluminium Nigeria--0.40--
FLOURMILLFlour Mills Nigeria229,57615.50--
FOForte Oil Plc600,16827.80--
FORTISMFBFortis Microfinance Bank--2.58--
FTNCOCOAFTN Cocoa Processors600.20--
GLAXOSMITHGlaxo Smithkline Consumer102,4008.95+0.45
GOLDBREWGolden Guinea Breweries--0.89--
GOLDINSUREGoldlink Insurance19,6400.20--
GSPECPLCGlobal Spectrum Energy Plc105.75--
GUARANTYGuaranty Trust Bank11,104,74831.15-0.15
GUINEAINSGuinea Insurance--0.20--
GUINNESSGuinness Nigeria49,82250.50--
HONYFLOURHoneywell Flour Mill163,3001.10--
IKEJAHOTELIkeja Hotel Plc9001.45--
INFINITYInfinity Trust Mortgage Bank--1.39--
INITSPLCThe Initiates Plc--0.80--
INTBREWInternational Breweries--20.00--
INTENEGINSInternational Energy Insurance--0.38--
INTERLINKInterlinked Technologies--3.23--
JAIZBANKJaiz Bank Plc2,218,9430.48-0.02
JAPAULOILJapaul Oil & Maritime Services5,100,2190.22-0.02
JBERGERJulius Berger Nigeria Plc40,58823.00--
JOHNHOLTJohn Holt Plc--0.47--
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NSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2019: At the end of today's trading session on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, a total of 335,599,980 shares in 4,453 deals, corresponding to a market value of NGN 17,185,526,230.96, were traded. 109 equities participated in trading, ending with 16 gainers and 20 losers. MTNN led the gainers with 9.98% share price appreciation, followed by AFRIPRUD (+9.44%), THOMASWY (+8.82%) and FO (+8.81%). On the losing side, UACN came out last with an end-of-day price depreciation of 11.03%, followed by LIVESTOCK (-10%), JULI (-9.58%) and AFROMEDIA (-8.89%). MTNN recorded the highest volume of 110.7 million traded shares, followed by FBNH (31.44m), STERLNBANK (26.13m) and GUARANTY (23.86m). Regarding the performance of NSE market indices, the benchmark NSE All-Share Index (NSE-ASI) soared 844.74 (2.88%) points to close at 30,218.14, representing a 1-week gain of 6.32%, a 4-week gain of 0.44%, but an overall year-to-date loss of 3.86%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the NSE Premium Index (+4.83%; +13.17% 1WK; +5.61% YTD), NSE ASeM Index (-0.41%; -0.2% 1WK; +1.44% YTD), NSE Industrial (+2.08%; -1.22% 1WK; -13.11% YTD), NSE Top 50 (+1.05%; -0.48% 1WK; -9.49% YTD), and NSE Lotus Islamic Index (+1.04%; +0.29% 1WK; -8.66% YTD).

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Comments (38)

  1. Oke Isaac  OluwatoyinOke Isaac Oluwatoyin
    Apr 23, 2019 18:40 GMT

    I registered my shares some years ago with Mutual Alliance Investment and Security Limited. Now it been difficult for me to locate there office. Non of there phone numbers found in any of their corresponding is going. Even their internet address is not going either. Please help. How do i go about my shares?

    1. Raji kamorudeenRaji kamorudeen
      Apr 25, 2019 21:05 GMT

      Isaac Oluwatosin, steps to take for retrieval of your stocks from the folded firm are very simple.

      You need the certificate given to you by the company e.g contract note, and then a primary ID card (international passport or national I'd card). Voter's card is not permitted. Go to Nigeria stock exchange located at marina Lagos island. You may ask from anybody when you get to Lagos island in case you don't know the place. Almost everybody knows the location most especially if you ask from any of the bank securities. Better still, ask from a banker if possible.

      When you get to the building, you will be ushered in by the security guards into the section of some clerk ladies. The clerks will ask you of your intended floor. Tell them you are going to SEC (security exchange commission) department.

      SEC serves as intermediary between you and your broker. They have all copy of all your business transaction. But they will demand for those aforementioned documents.

      If you don't have contract note, it seems they have other way of verifying your identity. Just make sure the name in your ID card is in tandem with the name written on the form you filled with the broker. They will probably give you a paper that will serve as the owner of the stock.

      However, you can work into office of any broking firm in Lagos. Tell them you want to transfer your stock from a folded broker to theirs. They will welcome you as a new customer and tell you all the process to go through.

      You can simply google for "stock brokers in Lagos", there is a host of them. is one them. You can even get their phone number from their website and explain your plight to them on phone. They will be ready to help you and tell you what you need to provide in order to facilitate the deal.

  2. Shonibare kabirat. AShonibare kabirat. A
    May 21, 2019 15:41 GMT

    Please i need to be enlighten here about the listed companies, if all of it are receiving foreign direct investment of help with the list of the companies recieving foreign direct investment in the stock market.

  3. FemiFemi
    May 16, 2019 10:06 GMT

    I'm new in the investment thingy, can anyone help with this
    Do we have any investment in Nigeria that can be compared with S&P 500 in the US?
    Also I'll be glad to know how COMPOUND INTEREST on capital work in Nigeria financial sector.

  4. SundaySunday
    Apr 26, 2019 05:02 GMT

    Pls I want to know wat is happen to afro oil I did not see them listed

  5. Adetunji IsaacAdetunji Isaac
    Apr 23, 2019 18:45 GMT

    Please can anybody in the house tell me if Mutual Alliance Investment and Security Limited is still in existence. Cos I've been to their control office in Lagos they are not there and I've called every of their numbers and internet address. Non is available.

  6. IskilIskil
    Apr 1, 2019 00:22 GMT

    Please how can I get data on the volume of shares and numbers of listed securities from 1985-2017. Please it's urgent for my research. Thanks

  7. samsam
    May 16, 2019 13:25 GMT

    which kind of stupidity

  8. Somide OlaoyeSomide Olaoye
    Oct 14, 2018 07:16 GMT

    This is a great resource.

  9. Dada MichaelDada Michael
    Sep 25, 2018 20:47 GMT

    Where is symbol for 7up plc? Thanks

    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Sep 26, 2018 03:41 GMT

      7up has been delisted from the NSE earlier this year.

  10. Adebayo JohnAdebayo John
    Sep 6, 2018 12:19 GMT

    Pls can someone help list companies who have been paying out dividends constantly over the past 4 years.

    Or if you pls refer me to where I can get that info.

    1. Wilson okoliWilson okoli
      May 21, 2019 16:40 GMT

      Total. Mobil. Unilever. Zenith.Gtb. access. UBA. First bank. Fidelity. NB. Okomo. Uac. Guinness. Etc

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