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Live share prices of stocks on Nigerian Stock ExchangeLive share prices of stocks on Nigerian Stock Exchange
ASI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
71,541.74 (+83.82)+20,290.68 (39.59%)NGN 39.16Tr

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX, officially Nigerian Exchange Group) is a leading integrated market infrastructure in Africa servicing the continent’s largest economy. The Exchange provides capital access to companies seeking to take advantage of the financial markets to fund their business expansion. Likewise, NGX provides its pool of domestic, regional, and international investors with an array of regulated securities to achieve their investment objectives. In March 2021, the erstwhile Nigerian Stock Exchange was demutualized from a member-owned not-for-profit entity into a shareholder-owned, profit making entity Nigerian Exchange Group Plc.

NGX publishes the benchmark, value-weighted All-Share Index (ASI), formulated in January 1984 with a base value of 100. The ASI tracks the general market movement of all listed equities on the Exchange, including those listed on the Growth Board, regardless of capitalization. Additional indices are the NGX30 and NGX50 which respectively track the top 30 and 50 companies in terms of market capitalization and liquidity. Both indices, in which only fully paid-up common shares are admitted, are weighted by adjusted market capitalization—the number of a company’s listed shares, multiplied by the closing price, and multiplied by a capping factor.

ASI ▴83.82 (0.12%)
2 days ago
Top Gainers (22)
Bottom Losers (35)
Monetary values are quoted in Nigerian Naira (NGN) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies/securities

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NGX maintains three categories of listing: the Premium Board, the elite group of companies that meet stringent corporate governance, capitalization, and liquidity criteria; Main Board, the larger companies who are admitted to the bourse based on profitability or market capitalization; and Alternative Securities Market (ASeM), the smaller, high-growth emerging businesses. The listed equities below incorporate companies from all primary stock market segments.

OANDOOando Plc2,891,82810.35+0.05
OKOMUOILOkomu Oil Palm50,542240.00+0.00
OMATEKOmatek Ventures2,462,5000.80-0.03
PHARMDEKOPharma-Deko Plc1.83
PREMPAINTSPremier Paints10.00
PRESCOPresco Plc965,289189.90+0.00
PRESTIGEPrestige Assurance Company666,2910.52+0.02
PZPZ Cussons Nigeria1,543,22825.60+2.30
RAKUNITYRAK Unity Petroleum Company0.30
REDSTAREXRed Star Express Plc53,5322.96+0.00
REGALINSRegency Alliance Insurance70,180,7140.34-0.03
RESORTSALResort Savings & Loans0.20
RONCHESSRonchess Global Resources81.00
ROYALEXRoyal Exchange1,849,9950.60-0.01
RTBRISCOERT Briscoe69,5000.62+0.00
SCOASCOA Nigeria48,5721.35+0.00
SEPLATSeplat Petroleum Development Co.4,0092,310.10+0.00
SFSREITSkye Shelter Fund Plc92.15
SKYAVNSkyway Aviation Handling Co. Plc11,37125.35+0.00
SMURFITSmart Products Nigeria0.20
SOVRENINSSovereign Trust Insurance25,7000.36+0.00
STACOStandard Trust Assurance0.48
STANBICStanbic IBTC Holdings16,41166.00+0.00
STDINSUREStandard Alliance Insurance0.20
STERLINGNGSterling Bank3,362,1073.80-0.10
SUNUASSURSunu Assurances Nigeria Plc314,2591.26-0.07
TANTALIZERTantalizers Plc91,0660.47+0.00
THOMASWYThomas Wyatt Nigeria112,5463.32+0.00
TIPThe Initiates Plc2,906,7331.15+0.00
TOTALTotal Nigeria3,874385.00+0.00
TOURISTTourist Company of Nigeria2.84
TRANSCOHOTTranscorp Hotels Plc25,61144.40+0.00
TRANSCORPTranscorp Nigeria6,710,1616.82+0.00
TRANSEXPRTrans-Nationwide Express1.05
TRIPPLEGTripple Gee & Co. Plc15,7072.38+0.00
UACNUAC of Nigeria50,333,05315.35-0.05
UBAUnited Bank for Africa9,408,73422.50+0.60
UCAPUnited Capital Plc2,278,16618.00+0.00
UHOMREITUnion Homes Real Estate Inv.36.60
UNHOMESUnion Homes Savings & Loans3.02
UNILEVERUnilever Nigeria532,07714.90+0.00
UNIONDICONUnion Dicon Salt8.10
UNITYBNKUnity Bank14,465,2541.40-0.08
UNIVINSUREUniversal Insurance Company21,653,0310.28+0.01
UPDCUPDC Plc250,3281.25+0.00
UPDCREITUPDC Real Estate Investment Trust1,009,1085.00+0.30
UPLUniversity Press38,2032.35+0.00
VANLEERGreif Nigeria5.45
VERITASKAPVeritas Kapital Assurance Plc49,694,2080.35-0.01
VFDGROUPVFD Group651202.90+0.00
VITAFOAMVitafoam Nigeria243,45822.50+0.00
WAPCOLafarge Wapco1,284,45829.60-0.15
WAPICWapic Insurance2,011,3590.70-0.01
WEMABANKWema Bank1,056,3395.35+0.05
ZENITHBANKZenith Bank Plc18,992,13835.00-0.25
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NGX TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2023: At the end of the last weekday of trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX), a total of 503,840,205 shares in 5,747 deals, corresponding to a market value of NGN 7,206,464,377.80, were traded. Compared with the previous NGX trading day (Thursday, December 7), today's data shows 15% improvement in volume, 5% decline in turnover, and 19% decline in deals. The current market capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange is NGN 39.2 trillion.

In the aggregate, 121 NGX listed equities participated in trading, ending with 22 gainers and 35 losers. Multiverse Mining & Exploration led the gainers with 9.95% share price appreciation closing at NGN 9.39 per share, followed by Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank (+9.94%), PZ Cussons Nigeria (+9.87%) and Ecobank Transnational (+9.79%). On the losing side, FBN Holdings came out last with an end-of-day price depreciation of 10% at NGN 23.85 per share, followed by MRS Oil Nigeria (-9.96%), Learn Africa (-9.82%) and Neimeth International Pharma (-9.52%). Regency Alliance Insurance recorded the highest volume of 70.2 million traded shares, followed by Mutual Benefits Assurance (67.3m), UAC of Nigeria (50.3m) and Veritas Kapital Assurance (49.7m).

Regarding the performance of NGX market indices, the benchmark NGX All-Share Index (ASI) inched up 83.82 (0.12%) points to close at 71,541.74, representing a 1-week gain of 0.17%, a 4-week gain of 0.98%, and an overall year-to-date gain of 39.59%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the NGX Top 30 Index (+0.12%; +0.22% 1WK; +42.78% YTD), NGX Top 50 Index (-0.54%; +1.51% 1WK; +49.37% YTD), NGX Banking Index (+1.6%; +6.08% 1WK; +92.23% YTD), NGX Main Board Index (+0.53%; -0.54% 1WK; +43.15% YTD), NGX Consumer Goods Index (+0.15%; +0.21% 1WK; +94.16% YTD), and NGX Pension Index (-0.07%; +0.72% 1WK; +72.08% YTD).

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  1. Barrison#@Barrison#@
    Dec 10, 2023 05:06 GMT

    I bought DAAR Communication Shears in Diamond Bank. No certificate were issued to me. What can I do?

  2. Offodile KamsyOffodile Kamsy
    Dec 3, 2023 11:37 GMT

    How do I invest in the ASI index or any Nigerian index funds

  3. Mathew NdubuisiMathew Ndubuisi
    Dec 4, 2023 01:04 GMT

    Please I bought shares with first bank, jarpaul oil, Transcorp and others, and I filled that my dividends should be paid into my account but I'm not receiving anything. Please advise me on what to do next.

    1. GG
      Dec 5, 2023 16:19 GMT

      You should contact the registrar to ask for the update.

  4. Godfrey Asagwara OkonkwoGodfrey Asagwara Okonkwo
    Nov 28, 2023 03:20 GMT

    I bought stocks of BAGCO bag company some years ago and I learnt it has been acquired by another company. Since then I have no information on the investment. Please which company acquired it and how do I get information and my dividends. Thank you

    1. EmmaEmma
      Nov 29, 2023 17:55 GMT

      You need to contact flour mills Registrar

  5. Gyani JnrGyani Jnr
    Nov 27, 2023 10:02 GMT

    Please what is behind the price surge in Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc?

    1. WaleWale
      Dec 5, 2023 12:22 GMT

      It's FOMO. Investors are going penny stocks pump at the end of the year.

  6. Uzoma Jonathan Chinedu.Uzoma Jonathan Chinedu.
    Nov 14, 2023 12:41 GMT

    Good Day Sir.With the current up ward price movement of Oando,plus the recent change of name to OVH,can management still buy out minority shareholders at the old price of #7'.07,and subsequently delisting from the NSE? Personally,I think the whole idea has gone with the wind. What do you have to suggest?

  7. zubairu zainabzubairu zainab
    Nov 13, 2023 14:44 GMT

    what is THOMAS WYATT NIG. PLC.

  8. Daniel OguwuikeDaniel Oguwuike
    Nov 8, 2023 09:55 GMT

    Please how can I be getting guiding information for stock trading, ie news that move the market. I observe lately that news move the market better than fundamentals but I need to be adequately informed. For instance, I sold off my Japaul oil yesterday morning after holding it for years, only to learn towards the evening that the company is about to do recapitalization. This is information alone has added close to 20% to it's share price since yesterday.

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      Nov 24, 2023 13:55 GMT

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  9. Oyetunde Adewa FaboroOyetunde Adewa Faboro
    Nov 6, 2023 16:30 GMT

    Please kindly let me know what's going with MTN stock price? Why is it falling and will it rise again by December?

    1. Sandra WilliamsSandra Williams
      Nov 24, 2023 13:57 GMT

      Hello Sir,

      You can monitor various stock prices and detailed analysis on the InfoWARE Market Data Terminal using this or download the IDIA Trader mobile app on IOS and Googlr Playstore.

    Oct 24, 2023 18:44 GMT


    1. Sandra WilliamsSandra Williams
      Nov 24, 2023 13:59 GMT

      Hello Sir,

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