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Live share prices of stocks on Nigerian Stock ExchangeLive share prices of stocks on Nigerian Stock Exchange
ASI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
102,314.56 (-732.67)+27,540.79 (36.83%)NGN 57.87Tr

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX, officially Nigerian Exchange Group) is a leading integrated market infrastructure in Africa servicing the continent’s largest economy. The Exchange provides capital access to companies seeking to take advantage of the financial markets to fund their business expansion. Likewise, NGX provides its pool of domestic, regional, and international investors with an array of regulated securities to achieve their investment objectives. In March 2021, the erstwhile Nigerian Stock Exchange was demutualized from a member-owned not-for-profit entity into a shareholder-owned, profit making entity Nigerian Exchange Group Plc.

NGX publishes the benchmark, value-weighted All-Share Index (ASI), formulated in January 1984 with a base value of 100. The ASI tracks the general market movement of all listed equities on the Exchange, including those listed on the Growth Board, regardless of capitalization. Additional indices are the NGX30 and NGX50 which respectively track the top 30 and 50 companies in terms of market capitalization and liquidity. Both indices, in which only fully paid-up common shares are admitted, are weighted by adjusted market capitalization—the number of a company’s listed shares, multiplied by the closing price, and multiplied by a capping factor.

ASI ▾732.67 (0.71%)
1 day ago
Top Gainers (12)
Bottom Losers (36)
Monetary values are quoted in Nigerian Naira (NGN) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies/securities

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NGX maintains three categories of listing: the Premium Board, the elite group of companies that meet stringent corporate governance, capitalization, and liquidity criteria; Main Board, the larger companies who are admitted to the bourse based on profitability or market capitalization; and Alternative Securities Market (ASeM), the smaller, high-growth emerging businesses. The listed equities below incorporate companies from all primary stock market segments.

ABBEYBDSAbbey Mortgage Bank Plc7,0512.50+0.00
ABCTRANSAssociated Bus Company111,5140.70+0.00
ACADEMYAcademy Press110,0321.74+0.00
ACCESSCORPAccess Holdings Plc44,310,09619.30-3.20
AFRINSUREAfrican Alliance Insurance0.20
AFRIPRUDAfrica Prudential Plc1,165,4786.90+0.00
AFROMEDIAAfromedia Plc0.24
AIICOAiico Insurance Plc4,094,0561.12-0.05
AIRTELAFRIAirtel Africa Plc5302,200.00+0.00
ALEXAluminium Extrusion Industries717.15+0.00
ARBICOArbico Plc1.03
ASOSAVINGSAso Savings & Loans0.50
AUSTINLAZAustin Laz & Company1392.03+0.00
BAPLCBriclinks Africa Plc6.25
BERGERBerger Paints30,60317.00+0.00
BETAGLASBeta Glass Company3,21159.40+0.00
BUACEMENTBUA Cement Plc8,495143.20+0.00
BUAFOODSBUA Foods10,623379.90+0.00
CADBURYCadbury Nigeria234,40119.00+0.00
CAPCAP Plc4,85624.00+0.00
CAPOILCapital Oil Plc0.20
CAVERTONCaverton Offshore Support Group1,386,8091.78+0.14
CHAMPIONChampion Breweries259,6063.36+0.00
CHAMSChams Plc5,674,7052.04-0.02
CHELLARAMChellarams Plc4.10
CILEASINGC&I Leasing Plc228,8513.70+0.00
CONHALLPLCConsolidated Hallmark Holdings703,9521.40-0.06
CONOILConoil Plc7,97590.90+0.00
CORNERSTCornerstone Insurance Company702,1091.90-0.08
CUSTODIANCustodian & Allied Plc465,9249.15+0.00
CUTIXCutix Plc739,7303.20+0.00
CWGComputer Warehouse Group91,7687.15+0.00
DAARCOMMDaar Communications1,955,5670.65+0.04
DANGCEMDangote Cement82,137686.70+0.00
DANGSUGARDangote Sugar Refinery2,783,18153.10-5.90
DEAPCAPDeap Capital Management & Trust381,3180.68+0.05
DUNLOPDN Tyre & Rubber Plc0.20
EKOCORPEkocorp Plc5.79
ELLAHLAKESEllah Lakes Plc3,816,9873.50-0.11
ENAMELWANigerian Enamelware Plc19.30
ETERNAEterna Plc273,50215.25-1.30
ETIEcobank Transnational Inc855,40426.00+0.00
ETRANZACTE-Tranzact International70,4106.25+0.00
EUNISELLEunisell Interlinked Plc3.20
FBNHFBN Holdings Plc12,205,69127.10-1.95
FCMBFCMB Group Plc3,377,3018.05-0.15
FIDELITYBKFidelity Bank Plc10,505,78110.00+0.70
FIDSONFidson Healthcare411,90715.90+0.00
FLOURMILLFlour Mills Nigeria1,636,58233.80-3.70
FTNCOCOAFTN Cocoa Processors4,302,8741.55-0.15
GEREGUGeregu Power Plc20,4291,000.00+0.00
GOLDBREWGolden Guinea Breweries10,1103.15+0.00
GOLDINSUREGoldlink Insurance0.20
GTCOGuaranty Trust Holding98,755,07341.40-4.60
GUINEAINSGuinea Insurance996,0440.36+0.00
GUINNESSGuinness Nigeria1,034,25750.00+0.40
HONYFLOURHoneywell Flour Mill242,5163.54+0.00
IKEJAHOTELIkeja Hotel Plc3,092,6307.30+0.00
IMGIndustrial & Medical Gases15,70013.75+0.00
INFINITYInfinity Trust Mortgage Bank3,1007.19+0.00
INTBREWInternational Breweries565,7404.50+0.00
INTENEGINSInternational Energy Insurance220,7161.50-0.08
JAIZBANKJaiz Bank Plc1,286,1562.27+0.00
JAPAULGOLDJapaul Gold and Ventures Plc5,808,9872.05-0.02
JBERGERJulius Berger Nigeria Plc1,456,49258.50+0.00
JOHNHOLTJohn Holt Plc9,0001.98+0.00
JULIJuli Plc35,5329.49+0.00
LASACOLasaco Assurance843,1382.10+0.09
LEARNAFRCALearn Africa420,7013.30+0.00
LINKASSURELinkage Assurance235,3000.95+0.00
LIVESTOCKLivestock Feeds375,5641.79+0.00
LIVINGTRUSTLivingTrust Mortgage Bank53.27+0.00
MANSARDAXA Mansard Insurance462,3485.70+0.00
MAYBAKERMay & Baker Nigeria225,0406.64+0.00
MBENEFITMutual Benefits Assurance849,5940.57-0.03
MCNICHOLSMcNichols Plc235,9961.17+0.00
MECUREMeCure Industries5,6269.72+0.00
MEDVIEWAIRMedview Airline Plc1.62
MEYERMeyer Plc37,3335.60+0.00
MORISONMorison Industries102,0002.56+0.23
MRSMRS Oil Nigeria2,284135.00+0.00
MTNNMTN Nigeria9,348,558227.00+0.00
MULTITREXMulti-Trex Integrated Foods0.36
MULTIVERSEMultiverse Mining & Exploration177,86113.75-1.55
NAHCONigerian Aviation Handling Co.502,80433.25+0.00
NASCONNational Salt Company1,395,64652.55+0.00
NBNigerian Breweries27,717,14928.00-0.05
NCRNCR Nigeria2,6004.32+0.00
NEIMETHNeimeth International Pharma74,5101.82+0.00
NEMN.E.M. Insurance Company30,152,0889.55-0.25
NESTLENestle Nigeria336,311900.00-0.10
NGXGROUPNigerian Exchange Group4,803,88424.00+0.00
NIDFNigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund37,485114.00+0.00
NIGERINSNiger Insurance Company0.20
NNFMNorthern Nigeria Flour Mills15948.30+0.00
NOTORENotore Chemical Industries Plc1,04062.50+0.00
NPFMCRFBKNPF Microfinance Bank4,125,8931.80-0.10
NSLTECHSecure Electronic Technology55,4500.58+0.00
OANDOOando Plc15,106,22412.55+1.10
OKOMUOILOkomu Oil Palm181,045247.00+0.00
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NGX TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2024: At the end of the last weekday of trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX), a total of 734,043,067 shares in 12,491 deals, corresponding to a market value of NGN 21,585,476,099.76, were traded. Compared with the previous NGX trading day (Monday, April 8), today's data shows 84% improvement in volume, 206% improvement in turnover, and 32% improvement in deals. The current market capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange is NGN 57.9 trillion.

In the aggregate, 127 NGX listed equities participated in trading, ending with 12 gainers and 36 losers. Transcorp Nigeria led the gainers with 9.93% share price appreciation closing at NGN 14.95 per share, followed by Morison Industries (+9.87%), Oando (+9.61%) and Caverton Offshore Support Group (+8.54%). On the losing side, Access Holdings came out last with an end-of-day price depreciation of 14.22% at NGN 19.30 per share, followed by United Capital (-11.06%), Multiverse Mining & Exploration (-10.13%) and Dangote Sugar Refinery (-10%). United Bank for Africa recorded the highest volume of 149 million traded shares, followed by Zenith Bank (136m), Guaranty Trust Holding (98.8m) and Transcorp Nigeria (71.4m).

Regarding the performance of NGX market indices, the benchmark NGX All-Share Index (ASI) dropped 732.67 (-0.71%) points to close at 102,314.56, representing a 1-week loss of 2.11%, a 4-week gain of 0.97%, and an overall year-to-date gain of 36.83%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the NGX Top 30 Index (-0.64%; -2.12% 1WK; +36.05% YTD), NGX Industrial Index (-0.23%; -0.38% 1WK; +77.6% YTD), NGX Oil & Gas Index (-0.28%; -0.28% 1WK; +23.75% YTD), NGX Main Board Index (-0.53%; -1.14% 1WK; +36.7% YTD), NGX Premium Index (-0.71%; -3.3% 1WK; +37.77% YTD), and NGX Consumer Goods Index (-1.07%; -0.38% 1WK; +43.08% YTD).

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  2. Chesa-uko, UkoChesa-uko, Uko
    Mar 25, 2024 09:42 GMT

    UCAP we have waited for long now, give us BONUS ISSUE, 1 for 1 or 2 for 3 will do for the great profits you have made in recent times. TOE it's been awesome investing with you.

  3. K8ngK8ng
    Mar 23, 2024 18:21 GMT

    Please how can I get an account to trade stocks from my phone?

    1. KoredeKorede
      Apr 2, 2024 20:11 GMT

      Download i-invest app

  4. Basil NwosuBasil Nwosu
    Feb 20, 2024 11:18 GMT

    Please, can you send me relevant data on green bonds and green financing in Nigeria.

  5. Adeosun Olumide OlayinkaAdeosun Olumide Olayinka
    Feb 7, 2024 08:29 GMT

    Good morning,
    Please how do I get my dividends from oando plc shares I bought in 2007.
    Will all the dividends accrued from 2017 be paid in full?
    Thank you

    1. Amaefule Daniel CAmaefule Daniel C
      Mar 28, 2024 21:51 GMT

      Good evening, sir.
      How do I claim my accrued dividends from first bank, Access bank and consolidated issuance company?
      I bought those shares around 2005 while I was in Lagos before I changed my location .
      I used to have a brokerage firm called forth asset then but I don't know how to connect with them. I need your help, please.

  6. Kehinde AdemolaKehinde Ademola
    Feb 8, 2024 15:30 GMT

    If there is doubt as to the total amount ones shares is sold by a broker, can one request for data from the exchange?

  7. Mr. AminuMr. Aminu
    Feb 7, 2024 12:00 GMT

    What is the current update of merger between Dangote Sugar, NASCON and Dangote Rice, has SEC approved the merger proposal of the 3 companies to form the one mega Dangote Foods? Thank you

    1. Ajetunmobi Gani seunAjetunmobi Gani seun
      Feb 14, 2024 15:26 GMT

      How can I transfer my stock portfolio investment from one stockbroker to another especially once that is not working

  8. VictorVictor
    Feb 1, 2024 13:51 GMT

    Good day sir, what do you have to say about Champion brewery, is there any hope for the food and beverages companies in this present administration?

  9. Shola ShobakinShola Shobakin
    Jan 26, 2024 09:50 GMT

    What stocks would you advice one should buy for long term purpose

    1. serheedserheed
      Jan 26, 2024 17:58 GMT

      When you are buying a stock for long term, first you've gotta be able to understand what investment in capital market is.

      I think most people misconstrue investments as just a tool to double your money. NO
      Investment in capital markets is simply buying risk to preserve your capital and also gain relative or absolute return on your investment.

      in terms of long term nigeria stocks you can own with solid to decent fundamentals and these companies are well audited by foreign companies like kpmg, pwc, deloitte :

      1-Dangote cement (highest revenue in nigeria) 1.2 TRILLION IN REVENUE, 504 BILLION IN PROFIT AFTER cost of good sold and taxes.

      2-seplat ( owns 7 oil blocks) their topline (revenue) last year was 905 MILLION US DOLLARS
      the stock is quite expensive at 3000 naira but it's worth it because the share price less than $4 for a company generating over half billion dollars and pays quaterly dividends.

      this is the reason lots of foreigners especially nigerians in abroad are flooding ngx market now.

      3-Bua foods ( great consumer company with no forex headaches. they own all their rice/sugar plants IN NIGERIA and they produce locally)

      I recommend bua foods over dansugar or nascon which are both owned by dangote because bua foods balance sheet is much stronger and they dominate the northern part of nigeria.

      4-Trancorp ( NOT TRANSCOPRP HOTEL) is a long term play because it's a conglomerate which owns an oil block, disco(power generating plant , trancorp hotels in abuja( 500-600 rooms) and the new trancorp hotel coming to IKOYI. ( i'm pretty sure we all know how much hotel rooms or rents are in banana ilsland/ikoyi.

      5-UBA bank - well capitalized and positioned to mint profit. uba chairman owns 51% of uba and almost 85 % trancorp, trancorp hotels.

      6-Zenith bank ( for me this kinda like the piece of mind stock you wanna own) slow and steady returns plus you get about 1.50 kobo dividend (interim and final dividend combined)

      uba is the facilitator 3.3 BILLION US DOLLARS afrexim loan to tinubu govt via nnpc crude for cash load deal. imagine the commission uba will be making on that loan deal.

      also uba made 450 billion in 3 months based on 2023 Q3 earning report. we are still waiting for end of the 2023 audited report.

      fundamentals is key and you have to your due diligence. also you need volume to make decent returns.

      e.g 500,000 shares of zenith bank will generate an average of 750,000 naira dividend payment to your acct yearly stress free .

      The stock went from 23 naira jan 2023 to 42 naira jan 2024.

      that's almost 100% return plus easy dividend money.

  10. sugarfactorysugarfactory
    Jan 26, 2024 18:57 GMT

    one of the reason why we recommend this FCMB bank:

    FCMB reports gross earnings of N516.8 billion for 2023

    we also need to keep an eye on their loan losses for 2023: Net impairment losses: N66.28 billion.

    even with 66 billion loan loss (fyi loan impairment charge is common with all banks)

    the Profit for the period of 2023 : N95.52 billion (vs 2022 profit of N31.13 billion =(+206.9%) roi.

    Earnings per share: N4.82 (N1.56, +209.0%)

    Total assets: N4.41 trillion (N2.98 trillion, +47.9%) -

    it's all about the numbers.

    EPS= earnings per share is 4.802
    P/E ratio = 2.3.

    fcmb is currently trading at less than 3 forward PE Ratio less than average 13 PE ratio for most companies on NGX.

    share price divided by eps =11.10 /4.80

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