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Live share prices of stocks on Johannesburg Stock ExchangeLive share prices of stocks on Johannesburg Stock Exchange
J203 IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
58,947.48 (+665.50)+1,863.38 (3.26%)ZAR 15.56Tr

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is the principal stock exchange of South Africa, located in the affluent municipality of Sandton, Johannesburg. Founded in 1887 during the first South African gold rush, the JSE is today the largest stock exchange on the continent. It is self-described as the engine room of the South African economy, with the primary function of facilitating the raising of primary capital for listed companies while enhancing job opportunities and wealth creation by providing an orderly market for dealing in securities for investors. The JSE upgraded to electronic trading in 1996, and, in 2005, demutualized and listed on its own exchange.

In June 2002, the JSE implemented the FTSE/JSE Africa Index series (a joint venture between the FTSE Group and JSE) to replace the erstwhile JSE Actuaries indices. The series brought with it a change in methodology for calculating indices which complies with the IOSCO recommendations as laid out in the Principles for Financial Benchmarks. The headline indices of the series are the Top 40 (J200), Mid Cap (J201), Small Cap (J202), All Share (J203), Fledgling (J204), and Large Cap (J205). The J203, regarded as the benchmark index, represents 99% of the full market cap of all eligible equities listed on the Main Board, which can be split into the J200-J202 indices.

J203 ▴ 665.50 (1.14%)
12 hours ago
Top Gainers (172)Bottom Losers (148)
Monetary values are quoted in South African Rand (ZAR) unless otherwise stated

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In 2003, the JSE launched the Alternative Exchange (AltX, also known as the Growth Board) for small and mid-sized listings, and later the Yield X for interest rate and currency instruments. With the additional acquisition of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) in 2001 and the Bond Exchange of South Africa (BESA) in 2009, the JSE today offers 5 financial markets, namely, Equities and Bonds, as well as Financial, Commodity, and Interest Rate Derivatives.

4SI4Sight Holdings Limited14,8000.34+0.02
ABGAbsa Group Limited--115.19--
ABSPAbsa Bank Preference Shares1,816548.05-0.95
ACEAccentuate Limited--0.16--
ACGAnchor Group Limited283,0864.11-0.04
ACLArcelorMittal SA Limited818,5860.63+0.00
ACSAcsion Limited--4.05--
ACTAfroCentric Inv Corp Ltd318,9913.69-0.11
ACZArden Capital Limited--7.00--
ADHADvTECH Ltd481,1899.52-0.07
ADIAdapt IT Holdings Ltd346,5572.85+0.10
ADRAdcorp Holdings Limited5,5735.59-0.04
ADWAfrican Dawn Capital Ltd813,2940.11+0.00
AEEAfrican Equity Emp Inv Ltd--0.99--
AEGAveng Group Limited24,348,5420.03+0.00
AELAllied Electronics Corp A624,65234.00+2.20
AFEAECI Limited415,95081.30-1.20
AFEPAECI 5.5% Preference Shares--14.00--
AFHAlexander Forbes Grp Hldgs515,6283.80-0.17
AFTAfrimat Limited90,90340.41-0.74
AFXAfrican Oxygen Limited426,46924.37-0.04
AGLAnglo American plc2,301,867504.00+18.72
AHAArrowhead Properties A Shares36,2349.85-0.04
AHBArrowhead Properties B Shares378,5532.08-0.06
AHLAH-Vest Limited--0.50--
AILAfrican Rainbow Cap Inv79,6853.09+0.01
AIPAdcock Ingram Hldgs Ltd122,23243.70+0.35
ALHAlaris Holdings Ltd1,2002.61+0.00
AMEAfrican Media Ent Ltd--20.01--
AMIB50Cloud Atlas AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF3908.75+0.00
AMIRECloud Atlas AMI Real Estate ex-SA ETF2925.55-0.20
AMSAnglo American Platinum Limited319,2641,235.09+6.81
ANGAnglogold Ashanti Ltd1,340,016341.25-5.69
ANHAnheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV137,6321,049.17+9.17
AONAfrican & Overseas Enterprises -N--20.50--
AOOAfrican & Overseas Enterprises Ltd--25.00--
AOVPAfrican & Overseas Enterprises -P--10.00--
APFAccelerate Property Fund Limited243,1490.73-0.02
APHAlphamin Resources Corp--3.15--
APNAspen Pharmacare Holdings814,998124.50+0.64
ARAAstoria Investments Ltd--2.40--
ARHARB Holdings Limited--3.40--
ARIAfrican Rainbow Min Ltd797,235249.47+4.55
ARLAstral Foods Ltd1,084,025136.20+1.55
ARTArgent Industrial Ltd500,5546.50+0.08
ASCAscendis Health Ltd739,7720.78+0.00
ASHEQFAshburton Global 1200 FOF ETF9,48058.32+0.03
ASHINFAshburton Inflation ETF22,10319.60+0.01
ASHMIDAshburton Mid Cap ETF22,6266.17-0.01
ASHT40Ashburton Top 40 ETF127,41554.39+0.85
ASHWGBAshburton World GovB ETF15,8948.19-0.06
ATIAfristrat Investment Holdings880,5500.01+0.00
ATTAttacq Limited4,147,9584.05-0.06
AVIAVI Ltd1,148,01570.59-1.09
AVLAdvanced Health Limited139,5170.27+0.00
AVVAlviva Holdings Ltd29,9969.07-0.39
AWAArrowhead Properties Limited--3.21--
AYOAyo Tech Solutions Ltd867.00-0.75
BATBrait SE1,585,3833.78+0.08
BAUBauba Resources Limited79,0000.21+0.02
BAWBarloworld Ltd1,866,49990.07-2.36
BAWPBarworld Ltd 6%Pref--1.10--
BCFBowler Metcalf Ltd22,7879.11-0.35
BELBell Equipment Ltd1,0956.85+0.30
BHPBHP Group Plc2,986,745386.00+11.67
BIDBID Corporation Ltd1,217,327278.13+2.51
BIKBrikor Limited--0.06--
BLUBlue Label Telecoms Ltd1,694,9014.00+0.00
BRNBrimstone Inv Corp Ltd-N--6.25--
BRTBrimstone Inv Corp Ltd--5.95--
BSRBasil Read Holdings Ltd--0.04--
BTIBritish American Tobacco Plc899,017550.00+1.64
BUCBuffalo Coal Corp--0.80--
BVTBidvest Ltd1,087,847163.23-3.88
BWNBalwin Properties Ltd17,6393.77+0.06
CACCafca Limited--1.00--
CATCaxton & CTP Publishers Limited160,1114.42+0.02
CATPCaxton & CTP 6% Preference Shares--110.70--
CCOCapital & Counties Properties Plc543,18629.48+0.56
CFRCompagnie Fin Richemont3,419,851126.81-0.83
CGNCognition Holdings Ltd--0.70--
CGRCalgro M3 Hldgs Ltd11,3422.60+0.00
CHPChoppies Enterprises Limited111,3850.70+0.05
CILConsolidated Infrastructure Group--0.07--
CKSCrookes Brothers Ltd8,23646.98-0.01
CLHCity Lodge Hotels Limited2,655,5202.96-0.25
CLHNCity Lodge Hotels Limited NPL--2.08--
CLIClientele Ltd222,3478.30+0.20
CLSClicks Group Ltd1,222,370238.29+6.29
CMHCombined Motor Hldgs Ltd17,57615.60+0.10
CMLCoronation Fund Mngrs Ld1,110,06842.30+0.08
CMOChrometco Ltd45,9000.07+0.00
CNDConduit Capital Limited220,7420.18+0.00
COHCurro Holdings Limited609,2189.30-0.27
COMComair Limited--1.00--
CPICapitec Bank Holdings Limited460,0141,285.63-8.77
CPIPCapitec Bank Preference Shares3,000100.00+0.00
CRPCapital & Regional Plc20,00012.15+0.59
CSBCashbuild Limited21,421251.46-3.54
CSGCSG Holdings Ltd409,4000.17+0.00
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JSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2020: At the end of today's trading session on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), a total of 472,567,871 shares in 371,145 deals, corresponding to a market value of ZAR 23,547,528,513.58, were traded. Compared with the previous JSE trading day (Wednesday, December 2), today's data shows 4% decline in deals. The current JSE market capitalization is ZAR 15.56 trillion.

In the aggregate, 353 JSE listed securities participated in trading, ending with 172 gainers and 148 losers. Ellies Holdings led the gainers with 57.14% share price appreciation closing at ZAR 0.11 per share, followed by Primeserv Group (+15.58%), Nampak (+14.29%) and Premier Fishing Brands (+13.25%). On the losing side, Oando came out last with an end-of-day price depreciation of 29.41% at ZAR 0.12 per share, followed by Eastern Platinum (-25.93%), Jasco Electronics Holdings (-17.65%) and Dipula Income Fund A (-13.97%). Nutritional Holdings recorded the highest volume of 47 million traded shares, followed by Aveng Group (24.35m), Growthpoint Properties (19.27m) and Old Mutual (17.71m).

Regarding the performance of JSE market indices, the benchmark FTSE/JSE All Share Index (J203) increased by 665.5 (1.14%) points to close at 58,947.48, representing a 1-week gain of 1.77%, a 4-week gain of 6.74%, and an overall year-to-date gain of 3.26%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the FTSE/JSE Large Cap Index (+1.42%; +2.5% 1WK; +8.78% YTD), FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index (+1.29%; +2.05% 1WK; +6.6% YTD), FTSE/JSE Mid Cap Index (+0.1%; -1.01% 1WK; -20.18% YTD), FTSE/JSE Fledgling Index (+0.02%; +0.3% 1WK; -12.04% YTD), and FTSE/JSE Small Cap Index (-0.22%; -1.21% 1WK; -7.43% YTD).

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  1. Massoud MetghalchiMassoud Metghalchi
    Nov 30, 2020 21:49 GMT


    We are doing research on JSE, FSE small-cap index, and need to know how many shares are included in the FTSE small-cap index. If possible, could provide an average number of shares over the past 5 years?


    M. Metghalchi
    Professor of finance
    University of Houston-Victoria

    1. MuttMutt
      Dec 1, 2020 11:12 GMT

      As of the latest review (September 2020), the Small Cap index had a total number of 42,829,062,214 shares from 60 active securities. Unfortunately, I don't have a snapshot of the same 5 years back. However, if you're determined, you can take the current constituents of the index and add/delete entries as and when they were added or removed from the index every March & September, while accounting for any changes in the shares in issue. But as you can see, that takes quite a bit of juggling :)

  2. IbtehaajIbtehaaj
    Nov 19, 2020 18:48 GMT

    Please assist on how to buy a share

    1. MuttMutt
      Nov 19, 2020 19:23 GMT

      First, you need a stockbroker. The broker is the entity that will deal the buying and selling of shares on your behalf. To find a licensed broker, click on this JSE link: Once there, fill in the required information and they will match you with a suitable broker.

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