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Market performance for the ZSE Industrial Index and share prices of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange's listed companies.Live trading information for the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
ZSE-IND IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
191.07 (-0.10)+45.80 (31.53%)USD 5,557.42m

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is the official stock exchange of Zimbabwe. It was formerly known as the Rhodesia Stock Exchange but got renamed when the country achieved independence in 1980. The exchange maintains two broad indices, namely, the Industrial Index and the Mining Index, both of which have a base value of 100 beginning February 2009. (The Industrial Index is regarded as the benchmark index.) The ZSE uses a call over system on its floors, and conducts a trading session every working day. Because of the country's hyperinflation, all share prices are quoted in United States cents. Trading starts from 08:00 to 09:30 GMT, Monday to Friday.

ZSE-IND ▾0.10 (0.05%)4 days ago
Monetary values are quoted in United States Cents (USc) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies

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AFDSAfrican Distillers Limited--61.00--
ARISAriston Holdings Limited--1.00--
ARTDAmalgamated Regional Trading--5.50--
ASUNAfrican Sun Limited--1.45--
AXIAAxia Corporation Limited489,6289.50-0.19
BARCBarclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited8,9723.40+0.00
BATBritish American Tobacco Limited5,1811,800.00+0.00
BINDBindura Nickel Corporation Limited--3.00--
BRDRBorder Timbers Limited--20.00--
CAFCACafca Limited--20.00--
CBZCBZ Holdings Limited71,42310.05+0.00
CFICFI Holdings Limited16,00016.65+0.00
COLCColcom Holdings Limited--40.30--
COTTCottco Holdings Limited--0.20--
DAWNDawn Properties Limited--1.30--
DLTADelta Corporation Limited375,802125.50+0.29
DZLDairibord Holdings Limited--6.20--
ECOEconet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited392,31032.61-0.43
EDGREdgars Stores Limited--4.00--
FALGFalcon Gold Zimbabwe Limited--1.00--
FBCFBC Holdings Limited--13.15--
FIDLFidelity Life Assurance Limited63,72614.00+0.75
FMHLFirst Mutual Holdings Limited210,3699.80+0.00
GBFSGetBucks Financial Services Limited--3.70--
GBHGeneral Beltings Holdings Limited--0.11--
HCCLHwange Colliery Company Limited--2.35--
HIPOHippo Valley Estates Limited--72.00--
INNInnscor Africa Limited137,74772.00-0.01
LACZLafarge Cement Zimbabwe Limited37,34845.00+5.00
MASHMashonaland Holdings Limited--2.13--
MEIKMeikles Limited--30.00--
MMDZMedtech Holdings Limited--0.02--
MSHLMasimba Holdings Limited1,000,0002.60+0.00
NICONicozDiamond Insurance Limited--2.75--
NMBNMBZ Holdings Limited--3.62--
NPKZNampak Zimbabwe Limited100,0004.60+0.60
NTFDNational Foods Holdings Limited1,699368.68+0.68
NTSNational Tyre Services Limited--1.10--
OKZOK Zimbabwe Limited28,8388.50+0.40
OMLOld Mutual Plc750385.00+0.00
PEARPearl Properties Limited--3.40--
PGINPG Industries (Zimbabwe) Limited--0.10--
PHLPadenga Holdings Limited--26.44--
PPCPretoria Portland Cement Limited569.00+0.50
PROLProplastics Limited--5.00--
PWSPowerspeed Electrical Limited314,1233.50+0.20
RIOZRioZim Limited--55.00--
RTGRainbow Tourism Group Limited11,062,7091.00+0.00
SACLStar Africa Corporation Limited--1.00--
SEEDSeed Co Limited16,384139.00-5.00

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ZSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017: At the end of the last trading session of the week on the massive Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), a total of 134,176,611 shares, corresponding to a market value of USD 2,699,849.72, were traded. (15 symbols participated in trading.) As a result of the various stock price changes, the ZSE Industrial Index (ZSE-IND) gained 0.08 (0.04%) points to close at 191.15, representing a year-to-date gain of 31.58%. Critical stock market analysts predict that the ZSE-IND will further appreciate by 0.00 (0%) points at the end of the next day of trading. This is the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

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  1. joyce chinakejoyce chinake
    Sep 8, 2015 08:07 GMT

    what i have is not a comment but a question, i wanna ask if you can provide me with the treasury bill rates for zimbabwe especially the 90 day/3 month t-bill?

    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Sep 8, 2015 22:07 GMT

      I'm sorry; I don't have the information you seek at this time. Maybe an exploration of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's website at could give you a lead.

  2. evidence mukwakwaevidence mukwakwa
    Oct 20, 2015 09:30 GMT

    can you please clarify if the share price change was caused by listed companies dividend policies or something else.

    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Oct 20, 2015 11:54 GMT

      Share price changes are caused by investors' sentiment toward that stock. If more people want to buy a stock than sell, the price goes up. On the other hand, if more people want to sell a stock than buy, the price goes down. It's sort of a supply-and-demand thing. What is difficult to answer is what makes more people want to buy rather than sell shares. Some think it's got to do with the company's dividends; others think the company's quarterly earnings. Nobody knows for sure. It's a tricky sentimental game investors play.

  3. kuda jamakuda jama
    Oct 30, 2015 09:34 GMT

    suppose you are an active equity investor how do you compute the return and where do you obtain your benchmark weight

    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Oct 30, 2015 10:30 GMT

      The basic return on equity is calculated as the company's net income (I) divided by its total assets (A) minus total liabilities (L), thusly expressed: ROE = I / (A - L). The denominator (A - L) is better known as shareholders' equity.

      On 'where to obtain your benchmark weight,' I believe that will be dependent upon your benchmark selection and its investment strategy relative to your equity. Having said that, I'd suggest that you consult a professional analyst for an in-depth explanation.

  4. StanlasStanlas
    Dec 8, 2015 15:19 GMT

    interesting platform

  5. Stanford nkomoStanford nkomo
    Jan 31, 2016 11:55 GMT

    Do u guys now have online trading

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    Jun 15, 2016 23:41 GMT

    Please can you explain to how it works i want to buy shares

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    this platform is very interesting it keeps me focused as I've invested in JSE,l want also to invest in my home soil.

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