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Market data for Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed companies; ZSE Industrial Index (ZSE-IND) performance, ZSE share prices, market capitalization and analysis.Live trading information for the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
ZSE-IND IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
288.48 (+0.13)-35.50 (10.96%)USD 8.20Bn

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is the official stock exchange of Zimbabwe, bringing together companies looking for long-term capital and investors looking for stable investment opportunities. The Exchange maintains two primary indices: the Mining Index (comprising mining companies) and the Industrial Index (comprising all companies except those in the former thus regarded as the benchmark index of the Zimbabwean capital market). Since August 2009, sale of listed securities on the ZSE has been subject to 1% withholding tax on the gross, however, exempt from the general capital gains tax of 20%. Additionally, both resident and non-resident shareholders are equally liable to a 10% special tax rate on dividends earned from companies listed on the ZSE, which is 500 basis points below the general rate of 15% on unlisted companies. Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe and Stanbic Bank of Zimbabwe offer custodial services to both local and foreign investors.

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Monetary values are quoted in US Dollar (USD) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies/securities

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As of June 2017, the ZSE lists 63 securities on its official trading board. Common stock, preferred stock (a.k.a. preference shares) and convertible debt instruments are the types of investment products traded on the Exchange. Since February 2009, share prices have been quoted in US Dollars (the legal tender) consequent to the country's hyperinflation which rendered the Zimbabwean Dollar impractical for trading on the bourse.

AFDSAfrican Distillers Limited--1.4500--
ARISAriston Holdings Limited--0.0114--
ARTDAmalgamated Regional Trading--0.0450--
ASUNAfrican Sun Limited--0.0362--
AXIAAxia Corporation Limited152,6300.1970+0.0069
BARCBarclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited3,581,8670.0440+0.0000
BATBritish American Tobacco Limited--19.9757--
BINDBindura Nickel Corporation Limited--0.0300--
BRDRBorder Timbers Limited--0.2000--
CAFCACafca Limited--0.4000--
CBZCBZ Holdings Limited46,4910.1039+0.0039
CFICFI Holdings Limited--0.7075--
COLCColcom Holdings Limited--0.7300--
COTTCottco Holdings Limited--0.0020--
DAWNDawn Properties Limited--0.0159--
DLTADelta Corporation Limited41,8891.5600+0.0000
DZLDairibord Holdings Limited--0.1130--
ECOEconet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited119,1200.6770-0.0030
EDGREdgars Stores Limited--0.0455--
FALGFalcon Gold Zimbabwe Limited--0.0220--
FBCFBC Holdings Limited--0.2025--
FIDLFidelity Life Assurance Limited--0.0800--
FMLFirst Mutual Holdings Limited--0.1600--
FMPFirst Mutual Properties Limited--0.0498--
GBHGeneral Beltings Holdings Limited--0.0080--
GBZWGetBucks Microfinance Bank Ltd--0.0370--
HCCLHwange Colliery Company Limited--0.0381--
HIPOHippo Valley Estates Limited--1.6800--
INNInnscor Africa Limited--0.9350--
LACZLafarge Cement Zimbabwe Limited--1.3600--
MASHMashonaland Holdings Limited--0.0270--
MEIKMeikles Limited--0.2700--
MMDZMedtech Holdings Limited--0.0005--
MSHLMasimba Holdings Limited18,8340.0600+0.0000
NICONicozDiamond Insurance Limited--0.0310--
NMBNMBZ Holdings Limited--0.0900--
NPKZNampak Zimbabwe Limited--0.1650--
NTFDNational Foods Holdings Limited--5.4000--
NTSNational Tyre Services Limited--0.0115--
OKZOK Zimbabwe Limited--0.1651--
OMLOld Mutual (Zimbabwe) Plc9815.4500+0.0000
PGINPG Industries (Zimbabwe) Limited--0.0010--
PHLPadenga Holdings Limited600.4150+0.0000
PPCPretoria Portland Cement Limited99,5650.9400+0.0062
PROLProplastics Limited23,1400.0730+0.0000
PWSPowerspeed Electrical Limited--0.0686--
RIOZRioZim Limited--1.2025--
RTGRainbow Tourism Group Limited12,9500.0100+0.0000
SACLStar Africa Corporation Limited--0.0200--
SEEDSeed Co Limited--1.9500--
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ZSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2018: At the end of the last day of trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, a total of 4,394,182 shares, corresponding to a market value of USD 442,178.24, were traded. 12 equities participated in trading, ending with four gainers and just one loser. WILD led the gainers with 20% share price appreciation, followed by CBZ (+3.9%), AXIA (+3.63%) and PPC (+0.66%). The only equity that lost value on the day was ECO (-0.44%). BARC recorded the highest volume of 3.6 million traded shares, followed by WILD (296,655), AXIA (152,630) and ECO (119,120). Regarding the performance of ZSE market indices, the ZSE All Share Index (ZSE-ASI) inched up 0.04 (0.05%) points to close at 86.20, representing a 1-week loss of 0.06%, a 4-week loss of 2.88%, and an overall year-to-date loss of 11.91%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the ZSE Industrial Index (+0.05%; -0.1% 1WK; -10.96% YTD), ZSE Mining Index (+0%; +1.63% 1WK; -13.81% YTD), and ZSE Top 10 Index (-0.08%; -0.27% 1WK; -12.69% YTD).

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  1. chelseachelsea
    Feb 7, 2017 09:31 GMT

    am a teenage currently doing my upper six and am so eager to invest my question is what can I do .....n also am lacking the perfect mentor ,in stock investing

  2. MargieMargie
    Dec 18, 2017 15:48 GMT

    I bought ariston shares years back and i totally forgot about them till recently when i started receiving annual reports and proxies.My question is how come I never used to receive dividends for this while,is it always that you do not get them?Also how do i check for the current share value?

    1. BaduBadu
      Dec 18, 2017 17:08 GMT

      Share prices are right up there in the table above. Ariston haven't paid dividends in a long time. In fact I don't remember when they last paid. They are having serious working capital constraints.

  3. Delron MagwenziDelron Magwenzi
    Mar 4, 2018 15:45 GMT

    how can i actually buy some shares because i think im ready for it

  4. Engineer DeeEngineer Dee
    Jan 22, 2018 08:21 GMT

    I like this whole thing, but I dont perfectly understand it. I think the basic concept is to buy shares you anticipate will gain value, then either sell or keep them as they accumulate more value. The greatest risk is to buy shares for a company with high values (like B.A.T); the probability of value fall is higher than its further increase. The share value accumulated steadily from around $10 in 2015/6 to $30 this year. If someone wana help me know more, you are free!


    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Jan 22, 2018 21:22 GMT

      What you've described is called capital gain, and it's one way to profit from the market. The other is dividend, which is a share of the profits gained by the company you're invested in. So even if the price does not increase in value but the company makes profit and so pays dividends, you'll profit as well. But of course, in efficient markets, the stock price movements correlate with the performance of the underlying company.

  5. omz analystomz analyst
    Nov 9, 2017 07:38 GMT

    how come the market capitalization your quote is less than the official figure on

    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Nov 9, 2017 13:51 GMT

      It's because of the difference in shares outstanding used in the two computations. The ZSE updates as soon as there is a change in shares in issue whereas it takes quite some time to propagate to my end. That means the official market cap quoted by the ZSE will likely always be the most accurate. However, since increase/decrease in shares rarely happens (of the 63 listed stocks only about 15 have had a change in shares in issue this year; and often merely a fraction), it's only really an issue if the difference is marginal. As I'm writing this, the ZSE reports $15.17b whereas $15.16b is showing on this site. See, not so much :)

  6. joyce chinakejoyce chinake
    Sep 8, 2015 08:07 GMT

    what i have is not a comment but a question, i wanna ask if you can provide me with the treasury bill rates for zimbabwe especially the 90 day/3 month t-bill?

    1. Michael KwayisiMichael Kwayisi
      Sep 8, 2015 22:07 GMT

      I'm sorry; I don't have the information you seek at this time. Maybe an exploration of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's website at could give you a lead.

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