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Live share prices of stocks on Zimbabwe Stock ExchangeLive share prices of stocks on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
ZSE-ASI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
12,062.14 (+328.53)+1,239.78 (11.46%)ZWL 1.87Tr

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is the sole, official stock exchange of Zimbabwe, bringing together companies looking for long-term capital and investors looking for profitable investment opportunities. The ZSE maintains several indices including the Mining Index (comprising mining companies), Industrial Index (comprising all companies except those in the former), and the benchmark All Share Index (comprising all companies on the market, since 2018). Since August 2009, sale of listed securities on the ZSE has been subject to 1% withholding tax on the gross, however, exempt from the general capital gains tax of 20%. Additionally, both resident and non-resident shareholders are liable to 10% special tax on dividends earned from companies listed on the ZSE, which is 500 basis points below the general rate of 15% on unlisted companies. Barclays Bank and Stanbic Bank of Zimbabwe offer custodial services to both local and foreign investors.

ZSE-ASI ▴328.53 (2.8%)
3 days ago
Top Gainers (23)
Bottom Losers (11)
Monetary values are quoted in Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWL) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies/securities

As of June 2017, the ZSE lists 63 securities on its official trading board. Common stock, preferred stock (a.k.a. preference shares) and convertible debt instruments are the types of investment products traded on the Exchange. Since February 2009, share prices have been quoted in US Dollars (the legal tender) consequent to the country's hyperinflation which rendered the Zimbabwean Dollar impractical for trading on the bourse.

AFDSAfrican Distillers Limited100125.0000+0.0000
ARISAriston Holdings Limited25,8003.3231+0.0253
ARTDAmalgamated Regional Trading47,60010.5000+0.0000
ASUNAfrican Sun Limited8,5006.9176+0.9168
AXIAAxia Corporation Limited40.1644
BATBritish American Tobacco Limited3,090.0000
BRDRBorder Timbers Limited0.2000
CAFCACafca Limited170.0000
CBZCBZ Holdings Limited105,60070.1017-0.8033
CFICFI Holdings Limited1,900102.0000+0.0000
COTTCottco Holdings Limited0.0020
CSZLCassava Smartech Zimbabwe Ltd99,10048.0940+2.4326
DLTADelta Corporation Limited351,900195.9475+6.1892
DZLDairibord Holdings Limited64,40037.5318+0.4068
ECOEconet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited60,30093.3479+0.2082
EDGREdgars Stores Limited2,4004.5500-0.3079
FBCFBC Holdings Limited10031.9000+0.0058
FCAFirst Capital Bank Limited13,9003.4954-0.0961
FIDLFidelity Life Assurance Limited15.6500
FMLFirst Mutual Holdings Limited17.0000
FMPFirst Mutual Properties Limited6,5007.0000+0.0069
GBHGeneral Beltings Holdings Limited16,6001.9434-0.1380
GBZWGetBucks Microfinance Bank Ltd6005.6650+0.4289
HCCLHwange Colliery Company Limited0.0425
HIPOHippo Valley Estates Limited1,600260.0000+0.0000
INNInnscor Africa Limited218,000214.1540+2.2965
LACZLafarge Cement Zimbabwe Limited82.0000
MASHMashonaland Holdings Limited5002.8500+0.2601
MEIKMeikles Limited700149.1571+22.1965
MMDZMedtech Class A Shares80020.0000-2.5417
MMDZBMedtech Class B Shares50030.0000+4.0000
MSHLMasimba Holdings Limited1,10054.0000+0.0000
NMBNMBZ Holdings Limited51,60013.6831-1.3169
NPKZNampak Zimbabwe Limited2,00013.0000+1.0000
NTFDNational Foods Holdings Limited1,386.0000
NTSNational Tyre Services Limited3005.0400-0.9600
OKZOK Zimbabwe Limited940,20027.9969+0.3259
OMUOld Mutual Limited81.9906
PPCPretoria Portland Cement Limited7.9500
PROLProplastics Limited1,40029.0000+0.3000
RIOZRioZim Limited40.0000
RTGRainbow Tourism Group Limited8007.4013+0.0023
SACLStar Africa Corporation Limited1,335,3001.5123+0.2429
SEEDSeed Co Limited14,900112.9933+0.6924
SIMSimbisa Brands Limited9,600128.3854+21.3693
TRUWTruworths Limited6,4002.1406+0.0406
TSLTSL Limited10090.0000+0.0000
TURNTurnall Holdings Limited4.5000
UNIFUnifreight Africa Limited10030.0000+1.5500
WILDWilldale Zimbabwe Limited21,6003.3115-0.1468
ZBFHZB Financial Holdings Limited80079.3750+2.3799
ZECOZeco Holdings Limited0.0100
ZIMPZimbabwe Newspapers Limited7002.9000-0.0044
ZIMRZimre Holdings Limited52,8003.3631-0.0369
ZIMWZimplow Holdings Limited1,70024.0000-0.0096
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ZSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2022: At the end of the last weekday of trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), a total of 3,468,800 shares, corresponding to a market value of ZWL 169,880,375.01, were traded. Compared with the previous ZSE trading day (Thursday, January 13), today's data shows 25% decline in volume and 47% decline in turnover. The current market capitalization of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is ZWL 1.87 trillion.

In the aggregate, 40 ZSE equities participated in trading, ending with 23 gainers and 11 losers. Simbisa Brands led the gainers with 19.97% share price appreciation closing at ZWL 128.3854 per share, followed by Star Africa Corporation (+19.14%), Meikles (+17.48%) and Medtech Class B Shares (+15.38%). On the losing side, National Tyre Services came out last with an end-of-day price depreciation of 16% at ZWL 5.04 per share, followed by Medtech Class A Shares (-11.28%), NMBZ Holdings (-8.78%) and General Beltings Holdings (-6.63%). Star Africa Corporation recorded the highest volume of 1.34 million traded shares, followed by OK Zimbabwe (940,200), Delta Corporation (351,900) and Innscor Africa (218,000).

Regarding the performance of ZSE market indices, the benchmark ZSE All Share Index (ZSE-ASI) soared 328.53 (2.8%) points to close at 12,062.14, representing a 1-week gain of 9.92%, a 4-week gain of 18.53%, and an overall year-to-date gain of 11.46%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the ZSE Top 10 Index (+3.41%; +12.57% 1WK; +14.22% YTD), ZSE Top 15 Index (+3.04%; +11.73% 1WK; +13.83% YTD), ZSE Small Cap Index (-3.04%; -7.51% 1WK; -4.09% YTD), ZSE Medium Cap Index (+1.26%; +3.53% 1WK; +4.86% YTD), ZSE Consumer Discretionary Index (+9.83%; +13.96% 1WK; +22.74% YTD), and ZSE Real Estate Index (+3.4%; -6.03% 1WK; -10.34% YTD).

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    Display prices of special metals either than gold and platinum

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    are those prices in zim dollars or united states dollar?????

    1. HaddukHadduk
      May 11, 2021 18:53 GMT

      Prices are in Zim dollars.

  3. Big tenBig ten
    Nov 19, 2021 14:39 GMT

    I want ask what's really in Directors minds when they leavee their stock market shares rock bottom.look at star Africa.wildale or General Belting.isn't it that they should protect their share price.

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    am a teenage currently doing my upper six and am so eager to invest my question is what can I do .....n also am lacking the perfect mentor ,in stock investing

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      i got some books I can suggest for you
      1.The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
           2) A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G Malkiel

      3)     One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch
      4) The little book of common sense investing      by
      5) Infographic Guide to Personal Finance
      6) The little book that Beats The Markert

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    I bought ariston shares years back and i totally forgot about them till recently when i started receiving annual reports and proxies.My question is how come I never used to receive dividends for this while,is it always that you do not get them?Also how do i check for the current share value?

    1. Obvious KhumaloObvious Khumalo
      Mar 26, 2021 10:09 GMT

      You can contact me directly for more information on my above email.

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    I want to learn to invest

    1. KayKay
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      go through the book called the intelligent investor by benjamin graham

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    Sep 15, 2020 19:54 GMT

    How can zim shares from Kenya?

    1. KNKN
      Nov 2, 2020 11:52 GMT

      You can call or email stockbrokers listed at
      They will guide you also on identifying a custodian for your shares.

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    Does anyone have the latest historical data for the listings?

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    Want the current market capitalisation of the stock market from 2018 to 2021,
    has it been a rise in capitalisation or not

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