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Live share prices of stocks on Nairobi Securities ExchangeLive share prices of stocks on Nairobi Securities Exchange
NASI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
129.84 (-0.34)-36.62 (22%)KES 2.02Tr

The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), established in 1954 as Nairobi Stock Exchange, is the leading stock exchange in East Africa offering world class trading facilities for both its local and foreign investors looking to gain exposure to the country's rising economy. The bourse is based in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya - one of the fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The NSE operates under the jurisdiction of the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, and is governed by an 11-member board of directors. In 2014, consequent to its successful IPO to raise Ksh 627 million, the NSE demutualized and became listed on the main board of its own exchange.

In 2008, in order to provide investors with a comprehensive measure of the performance of the market, the NSE launched the NSE All-Share Index (NASI). The NASI is a market capitalization-weighted index (base value of 100 as of January 2008) comprising all listed securities, effectively, the benchmark index for the Kenyan stock market. In 2011, together with FTSE International, the NSE introduced the FTSE NSE Kenya 15 and FTSE NSE Kenya 25 indices which are designed for the creation of index tracking funds and derivative products, and as performance benchmarks while ensuring their investability. The NSE 25 Share Index measures the top 25 companies.

NASI ▾0.34 (0.26%)
Top Gainers (19)
Bottom Losers (13)
Monetary values are quoted in Kenyan Shilling (KES) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies/securities

The NSE maintains four market listing categories, namely, the Main Investment Market Segment, Alternate Investment Market Segment, Fixed Income Securities Market Segment, and Growth Enterprises Market Segment. The first three were created in 2001 to cater for stocks of large and medium-sized companies, and corporate and government bonds. In 2013, the Growth segment was launched to give small enterprises an opportunity to also access the capital markets.

ABSAAbsa Bank Kenya Plc258,50010.05-0.05
ARMARM Cement Limited5.55
BAMBBamburi Cement Limited11,00035.15-0.40
BATBritish American Tobacco Kenya2,300419.00+3.25
BKGBK Group Plc1,40031.05+0.00
BOCBOC Kenya Limited75.00
BRITBritam Holdings Limited13,0006.44+0.02
CABLEast African Cables Limited22,1001.00+0.00
CARBCarbacid Investments Limited2,60011.10-0.55
CGENCar and General Kenya Limited90037.35+1.95
CICCIC Insurance Group Limited54,0001.99+0.03
COOPCo-operative Bank of Kenya Limited435,50011.95+0.50
CRWNCrown Paints Kenya Limited10037.90+0.35
CTUMCentum Investment Company267,70010.00+0.00
DCONDeacons East Africa Plc0.45
DTKDiamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited87,80050.00+0.00
EABLEast African Breweries Limited701,900141.00+0.00
EGADEaagads Limited13.45
EQTYEquity Group Holdings Limited67,00044.00+1.10
EVRDEveready East Africa Limited18,5000.79-0.01
FAHRStanlib Fahari Income REIT180,2005.34-0.24
FTGHFlame Tree Group Holdings Limited98,3001.15+0.04
GLDAbsa NewGold ETF2,135.00
HAFRHome Afrika Limited88,9000.34+0.00
HBEHomeboyz Entertainment4.66
HFCKHF Group Limited46,8002.99+0.07
IMHI&M Holdings Plc1,155,20017.05-0.25
JUBJubilee Holdings Limited25,800267.00-2.00
KAPCKapchorua Tea Company Limited89.00
KCBKCB Group Limited570,60038.00+0.90
KEGNKenGen Plc1,438,9003.50+0.02
KNREKenya Re-Insurance Corporation Ltd81,8002.05+0.01
KPLCKenya Power & Lighting Company986,0001.48+0.01
KPLC-P4Kenya Power 4% Preference Shares4.11
KPLC-P7Kenya Power 7% Preference Shares6.00
KQKenya Airways Limited3.83
KUKZKakuzi Limited402.00
KURVKurwitu Ventures Limited1,500.00
LBTYLiberty Kenya Holdings Limited3,1005.48+0.44
LIMTLimuru Tea Company Limited352.00
LKLLonghorn Publishers Limited1,2003.27+0.27
MSCMumias Sugar Company Limited0.28
NBVNairobi Business Ventures Ltd2,047,6003.20+0.10
NCBANCBA Group Plc39,90026.85+0.40
NMGNation Media Group9,50019.20-0.70
NSENairobi Securities Exchange Limited11,7008.30+0.30
OCHOlympia Capital Holdings Limited2.01
ORCHKenya Orchards Limited10.40
PORTEast African Portland Cement Co. Ltd2007.80+0.00
SASNSasini Tea and Coffee Limited4,50020.50+0.00
SBICStanbic Holdings Limited108.00
SCANScanGroup Limited112,2002.98+0.01
SCBKStandard Chartered Bank Limited40,200124.00+0.00
SCOMSafaricom Plc5,134,30026.45-0.40
SGLStandard Group Limited12.95
SLAMSanlam Kenya Plc14.00
SMERSameer Africa Plc12,3002.57-0.13
TCLTrans Century Limited2,2001.01-0.03
TOTLTotal Kenya Limited20022.70-0.10
TPSETPS Eastern Africa Serena Limited60011.90+0.00
UCHMUchumi Supermarket Limited82,2000.18-0.01
UMMEUmeme Limited21,6007.98+0.00
UNGAUnga Group Limited30.00
WTKWilliamson Tea Kenya Limited200129.75+0.00
XPRSExpress Kenya Limited3.83
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NSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2022: At the end of the last weekday of trading on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), a total of 14,140,500 shares in 1,252 deals, corresponding to a market value of KES 324,107,881.00, were traded. Compared with the previous NSE trading day (Thursday, May 26), today's data shows 48% decline in volume, 43% decline in turnover, but 13% improvement in deals. The current market capitalization of the Nairobi Securities Exchange is KES 2.02 trillion.

In the aggregate, 44 NSE listed equities participated in trading, ending with 19 gainers and 13 losers. Longhorn Publishers led the gainers with 9% share price appreciation closing at KES 3.27 per share, followed by Liberty Kenya Holdings (+8.73%), Car and General Kenya (+5.51%) and Co-operative Bank of Kenya (+4.37%). On the losing side, Uchumi Supermarket came out last with an end-of-day price depreciation of 5.26% at KES 0.18 per share, followed by Sameer Africa (-4.81%), Carbacid Investments (-4.72%) and Stanlib Fahari Income REIT (-4.3%). Safaricom recorded the highest volume of 5.13 million traded shares, followed by Nairobi Business Ventures (2.05m), KenGen (1.44m) and I&M Holdings (1.16m).

Regarding the performance of NSE market indices, the benchmark NSE All Share Index (NASI) shed 0.34 (-0.26%) points to close at 129.84, representing a 1-week loss of 2.02%, a 4-week loss of 14.78%, and an overall year-to-date loss of 22%. Other remarkable indices that performed were the NSE 20 Share Index (+0.54%; +0.43% 1WK; -11.29% YTD), NSE 25 Share Index (+0.48%; -0.66% 1WK; -18.09% YTD), FTSE NSE Kenya 15 Index (+1.06%; +0.47% 1WK; -17.1% YTD), and FTSE NSE Kenya 25 Index (+0.24%; -1.18% 1WK; -21.76% YTD).

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Comments (196)

  1. fredfred
    Jan 20, 2022 11:12 GMT

    Am a university student, I want to enter the market where do I start?

    1. GeorgeGeorge
      Feb 15, 2022 19:43 GMT

      Hi Fred I would start with opening a cds account. You can open with your bank or other vendors. In my case I have my cds account with equity bank. From there loook for stocks that you might be interested in. In my case I satrted with banking industry since banks will always make money through interests charged on the loans they offer. so you get some dividend at the end of financial year. step by step you keep adding up shares and with no time it becomes a habit after you receive your dividends. I still think trading charges are very high in kenya, so I would look more of a long term investment. Good luck in your journey.

  2. AlphaAlpha
    Nov 15, 2021 22:36 GMT

    I am a self-taught financial analyst (I do it for fun), hoping I will save enough to start trading soon. My question is whether the NSE allows short-selling. If yes, which brokers offers it?


  3. PurityPurity
    Nov 18, 2021 17:14 GMT

    I need to buy shares. How do I go about it?

    1. HebronHebron
      Jan 16, 2022 11:35 GMT

      Contact me on whatsapp +254795134346 I take you on steps

  4. Hermelide Ogolla OchiengHermelide Ogolla Ochieng
    Jan 3, 2022 08:43 GMT

    Hello, Which company/investment firm that offers best brokerage account with low fees that can help one to trade mostly interested in EFTs / Index funds.

    1. Ezron KimutaiEzron Kimutai
      Feb 11, 2022 12:06 GMT

      For stocks and shares, Francis Drummond and Company Limited also referred to as Broker No. 1 offers the best services. Get intouch through ;


      facebook :

  5. BeverlyBeverly
    Nov 15, 2020 21:02 GMT

    I need to buy do go about it and how much do I need

    1. LouLou
      Mar 26, 2021 14:34 GMT

      In Kenya, the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is where investors buy and sell shares. To begin trading, you need to set up a Central Depository System (CDS) account which is free to open. A CDS account is just like a bank account, but your CDS account is where your shares will be held. To open a CDS account, take 2 passport photos and a copy of your ID card or passport to a licensed stockbroker. The NSE has a list of brokerage firms on its website here:

      How much you need is dependent on the broker's minimum account balance but some are as low as 1,000 shilling. Typically, the minimum number of shares you can trade is 100. So if you want to buy Safaricom shares, the current share price is Ksh38.75, so you need Ksh3,875 plus broker commission and statutory fees which is about 2% so an extra Ksh77.50 making a grand total of Ksh3,952.50.

      Happy investing!!!

  6. CelestineCelestine
    Jan 12, 2022 08:47 GMT

    Mine is just a my account I have shares which are less than 100 shares ...I have a counter having 25shares and another having50 shares .finally what will I do to them??

    1. HebronHebron
      Jan 16, 2022 11:51 GMT

      You can add those shares you have to 100 share or you can sell them but it may take longer time
      Contact me on whatsapp +254795134346 I take you on steps

  7. LouisLouis
    Feb 17, 2022 10:00 GMT

    Hi guys, just read on the Business daily.. that 97% of NSE share trading accounts are dormant and only 61,000 accounts hold a value of over 2.5 KES Trillion as of Jan 2022. This seems like the whole market cap? Where are the other retail traders?

    1. ZidiZidi
      Apr 25, 2022 07:53 GMT

      Most retailers left the market after Safaricom IPO, after the prices dipped in 2009-2010, they sold never to come again, other factors were listing junk companies in the NSE where investors lost money such as Eveready, Mumias. But Stock exchange remains a good place to invest especially if you research on the company you buying. For instance you bought Safaricom shares in 2010 at KES 4.00 Quantity 1000, total cost 4000/- Now trading at KES. 35 Each 1000 the value now is KES. 35,000.

  8. JosephJoseph
    May 25, 2021 12:37 GMT

    SCANGROUP will give you better return on investment at it's current price. Expecting ksh 1 dividend per share.

    1. BrianBrian
      May 27, 2021 08:03 GMT

      When will SCAN pay? Do you think price can shoot to original 18 kes per share?

  9. CharlesCharles
    Mar 16, 2020 00:51 GMT new in the stock exchange market and I'm interested to much money am I required to start.n how does it work?

    1. Mwendwa MusyimiMwendwa Musyimi
      Mar 25, 2020 13:49 GMT

      You can start with as little as 500 shares on any given counter. Nevertheless, the higher the volumes bought, the higher the returns when the shares are on an upward trend.

  10. LitLit
    Aug 11, 2020 07:03 GMT

    Which company/investment firm that offers best brokerage account that can help one to trade mostly , if you are not in Kenya. mostly interested in EFTs / Index funds.

    1. john mashjohn mash
      Jan 22, 2021 10:57 GMT

      i woul recommend you to use Abacus wealth management,app name Abacus

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