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ATI share price on Johannesburg Stock ExchangeATI share price on Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Afristrat Investment Holdings Limited, formerly Ecsponent Limited, is a South Africa-based diversified financial services holding company. The company, through its subsidiaries, invests in companies that offer a range of niche financial services in South Africa and Africa, offering investment services, credit solutions, and enterprise development initiatives such as accounting, taxation, payrolls, business consultancy, digital marketing, and corporate governance services.

Afristrat's operating segments include a Credit unit, Investment Services, and Equity Holdings. The Credit segment offers a range of credit solutions that provide the company with continuous cash flow and liquidity; the Investment Services segment includes capital raising from retail and institutional investors, as well as wealth and investment advisory services; and the Equity Holdings segment includes a longer-term horizon, strategic investments.

Afristrat invests in equity opportunities in attractive and high-growth sectors in select African markets. Such equity investment activities are sector-agnostic and focused towards investing in companies with substantial potential to achieve above average equity returns over a medium to long term holding period.

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ATI Stock Market Performance


The current share price of Afristrat Investment Holdings (ATI) is ZAR 0.01. ATI closed its last trading day (Monday, September 20, 2021) at 0.01 ZAR per share on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Afristrat Investment Holdings is the 186th most traded stock on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange over the past three months (Jun 23 - Sep 20, 2021). ATI has traded a total volume of 10.3 million shares—in 52 deals—valued at ZAR 102,500 over the period, with an average of 162,700 traded shares per session. A volume high of 5 million was achieved on August 17th for the same period. The table below details the last 10 trading days of activity of Afristrat Investment on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.


Profile of Afristrat Investment Holdings Limited

Afristrat Investment Holdings Limited was founded on July 9, 1998 and operates in the Financials sector, specifically, the Financial Services industry. Afristrat Investment Holdings contracts an estimated total number of 57 employees.

Factsheet of Afristrat Investment Holdings Limited
Financial Services
Acacia House, Green Hill Village Office Park, Pretoria East, Johannesburg, 0145, South Africa
+27-87-808-0100, +27-87-808-0200

ATI Industrial Market Competitors

Afristrat Investment Holdings Limited, issuers of the ATI stock on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, have a number of market competitors who are also engaged in the Financials sector and/or Financial Services industry. The table below presents an overview of the market standing of the top 10 by year-to-date performance.

CodeNameM. Cap.CloseYTD
PPEPurple Group Ltd1.77B1.50+70.5%
TCPTransaction Capital Ltd27.2B38.40+54.3%
L4LLong 4 Life Limited3.02B4.25+29.2%
REMRemgro Ltd69.3B121.90+26.7%
SFNSasfin Holdings Limited961M29.75+26.7%
KSTPSG Konsult Limited14.8B11.06+22.9%
PSGPSG Group Limited16.4B73.27+22.4%
HCIHosken Consolidated Investments Ltd5.64B65.82+19.7%
GPLGrand Parade Inv Ltd1.36B2.90+18.9%
ZEDZeder Investments Limited4.69B3.04+16.5%

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Comments (65)

  1. Zane ScottZane Scott
    Jul 28, 2021 18:25 GMT

    Hi all,

    I have been told by Anthony Muller (below) and the previous CEO of Ecsponent that about R11 BILLION of revenue is coming into Afristrat / Ecsponent by year end, which could clearly be utilised to pay ALL pref share investors DOUBLE what they invested with just half that revenue (total R 2.7 billion of shareholder funds).
    George Manyere (current CEO) is said to be planning to stop this payment to investors, meaning there's probably no way of getting our funds back if he succeeds.
    The lawyer currently on the case has confirmed with the JSE that irregularities have occured in the issuing of these ordinary and hybrid shares.
    Failing this it seems there is no chance later of success in retrieving funds.

    Can we try to compile a centralised list of ALL investors we know of involved here.
    I may be wrong, but there should be as many as 2000 or so!

    Not sure if my email is visible here, but I am available at:

    We seriosly need to beat this thing together!

    1. Dirk SwanepoelDirk Swanepoel
      Sep 20, 2021 11:53 GMT

      Your email is not working

  2. Willem DreyerWillem Dreyer
    May 29, 2021 16:46 GMT

    I am also in the same situation whereby I lost alll our money invested by Ecsponent. I also agree to see that someone come forward to assist us in this situation.
    Please help we have no money to servive.

  3. Zane ScottZane Scott
    Feb 3, 2021 18:42 GMT

    I believe what Afristrat is doing here is practically criminal.
    The fact that a new company name has been established around the handling of these mismanaged funds is testament to it.

    They invested in a clearly dodgy fintech company MyBucks (it only takes a single glance at their share price!) and took big risks with investors' hard-earned life savings.

    The risk profile was never properly explained to investors from the start, nor what they were investing in!

    Now that the damage is done, we are given lip service and window dressing and made to believe that "our capital is safe!?"

    That was then, but now the company is simply refusing to give investors ANY info or response to requests for info - they simply ignore everyone.

    They need to put forward a clear plan of action on how they intend to recover investors' funds. Investors deserve much netter treatment than this!

    1. Jienie-Michelle DreyerJienie-Michelle Dreyer
      May 9, 2021 08:07 GMT

      Zane... even the bank of Zambia called him George Manyere a delinquent not in so many words, the said he has to remove himself as a director and major share holder of any financial institution

  4. Evert Philippus PitoutEvert Philippus Pitout
    Apr 3, 2021 09:14 GMT

    We are all pensioners that were promised that our money was guaranteed but now we have nothing. We need to commence a class action against them. Contact me on Facebook if you agree.

    1. Christine De LangeChristine De Lange
      May 12, 2021 05:14 GMT

      Good day. I am also a hybrid preference share holder. Have you found other investers that wants to take action against Afristrat? Have any one approached the Ombudsman?

  5. Melissa KrugerMelissa Kruger
    Mar 17, 2021 09:37 GMT

    I spoke with Floris Slabbert yesterday, he is one of the debarred executives. Lots of stories about the expecting R300 million from USA within the next three months. Personally I think this is a pack of lies as this has been the ongoing story for the past year since Ecponent was liquidated. If all the investors can come together and let us take them to court to get our money back. The shares are worth nothing currently and my mother invested her little savings through Ecponent, now losing almost everything. These people need to go to jail for what they are doing.

    1. Frik LombaardFrik Lombaard
      Mar 29, 2021 20:39 GMT

      I was caught when they took my money in October 2019 knowing that they were in trouble.
      I do agree that we should start a class action against them. If we club in we can employ the best legal representatives in South Africa to get our money back.

      Get a copy of the Companies Act of 2008 number 71 and see why this case can be won if we stand together.
      I need affidavits from 20 persons to enable me to lay a criminal charge against the directors of Ecsponent.

      Thanks to Floris and all directors of Ecsponent I have lost my house and lifetime savings and at age 76 I do not know where to turn to for help.

  6. HennieHennie
    Mar 31, 2021 15:52 GMT

    I believe I shall never have enough space and time to express my grievances regarding this unbelievable irresponsibility of so called professionals, educated as they have claimed, to spend our money on extravagant misleading adverts on the Internet and TV. By so doing circumvented the over seeing institutions such as the FSCA and others who were put in place to guard against such illegal interventions.

    These individuals and institutions became the protected so-called investor specialists after the default as a result of legal and financial technicalities and loopholes. We were not only inticed to part with our life savings but they also robbed us from our dignity as well as humiliating us whilst we trusted them in good faith with our hard earned savings. These funds were desperately needed by us to survive during our twighlight years. I am also convinced that this product was never offered to their families and close friends. I firmly believe that their time will come soon.

    Like so many if us this scam completely depleted my entire survival expectations.

    While we are now observing how we were lured in by these heartless individuals and organisation, there are similar financial attractions advertised by means of television etc. offering interest earnings of 9 - 11 plus % just as we were caught at the time we invested. Interest rates that far exceeding the general norms and I can not help wondering if the overseeing institutions are taking appropriate action to investigate these offers in order to protect our retired citizens and others from burning their fingers as well. It appears as if one can no longer trust or depend on any of these offers.

    1. Anthony MullerAnthony Muller
      Apr 30, 2021 08:16 GMT

      Dear Hennie,
      The past CEO of Ecsponent is busy with a court action against the current CEO .We are looking for shareholders to support him in his actions If you would like to join this group please email me on the above address or contact me on cell no 0828083462.
      There will be no Attorneys fees payable by you.The fees will be covered by other shareholders.

      Yours sincerely ,

      Anthony Muller.

  7. Zane ScottZane Scott
    Jul 29, 2021 10:32 GMT

    Hi all,

    If you want, you can send your details (email contact, amounts, etc.) to me:
    I think we should at least try to compile a list of everyone involved, if you know of others please forward their details too.
    I'm not a representative, just an investor like all of you who have lost a lot.

    Terence Gregory (former CEO) already has some legal action going, but he needs all the help he can get! He's also lost a lot just like us, since he's put everything he had into Ecsponent.

    1. Ronelle BothaRonelle Botha
      Aug 30, 2021 09:45 GMT

      Good day

      I just saw these comments and my husband and I are also investors and lost a lot of money and also would like answers

      Ronelle Botha

  8. DeonDeon
    Sep 2, 2021 16:05 GMT

    The lawyer currently on the case has confirmed with the JSE that irregularities have occured in the issuing of these ordinary and hybrid shares.
    This lawyer does he need support by the victims ?

    1. Jienie-Michelle DreyerJienie-Michelle Dreyer
      Sep 9, 2021 14:08 GMT

      Hi Deon, I personally spoke to the Advocate dealing with the JSE, your information is not correct. They have only acknowledged his correspondence no other report was given to him as of today.

  9. Jienie-Michelle DreyerJienie-Michelle Dreyer
    May 24, 2021 10:38 GMT

    All shareholders must vote against the acquisition of George Manyere, MHMK Capital , and enforce the Option Agreement signed by George Manyere to the value of 11 Billion, he owes this money to Afristat, should the Sipion or Norseck company take control of the my bucks shares we loose everything. VOTE AGAINST, GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE AGAINST!!!!!!

    1. Hendrik AckerHendrik Acker
      Aug 1, 2021 18:20 GMT

      Good day,
      Someone should draw up a petition for all the investers to sign. Perhaps you could do that or maybe know someone that could? We need to stop George.
      Thank you.
      Hendrik Acker

  10. Jienie-Michelle DreyerJienie-Michelle Dreyer
    Jun 29, 2021 05:18 GMT

    If the Odinary Shareholders allow this vote to go ahead, they should now stop complaining!!!!!! Write the money amount on your tummy, go bath and wash it off, really SERRRIOUSLY, they want to convert every 100 cent into a rand, math is math, however you will be given R2.00 for every 200 shares.... the bonus is they will then not owe you anything, as the share price will drop. No shares can trade at under 1cent, so now your R2.00 will become 1cent.... the joke is on the Shareholders....VOTE NO!!!!!!!!NO NO NO NO......

    1. Zane ScottZane Scott
      Jul 22, 2021 11:12 GMT

      Hi Jienie,

      Do you have more information about what actually transpired at Ecsponent?
      I talked to Floris on several occasions, but now that he's barred, who is actually held liable and is there a committed plan of action from "them" to get the money back?

      I want to actually just arrive at their office and demand to speak to someone in charge!
      As everyone says, they are completely incommunicado...

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