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Stock summary for MTNGH on the Ghana Stock ExchangeStock summary for MTNGH on the Ghana Stock Exchange

Scancom Plc (MTN Ghana) is a public limited liability company first incorporated in Ghana in April 1994 and licensed by the NCA as a mobile telecommunications services operator. In November 1994, MTN (then using the trade name “Spacefon”) launched its GSM mobile cellular services with initial coverage in Accra and Tema. Coverage was further expanded to Kumasi and Obuasi in 1997 and to Takoradi, Bibiani, Tarkwa and Cape Coast in 1999. Since then, MTN has built a robust customer base through its decades of operations in Ghana, increasing its subscribers from 2.5 million in 2006 to nearly 18 million as at December 2017. It currently has 87 service centers nationwide. MTN Ghana's main revenue lines are airtime and subscription, interconnect and roaming, SMS, data, handset and accessories, mobile money, and value added services. Data and mobile money are expected to be the dominant drivers of revenue due to increased internet use and reliance on mobile money to make payments.

MTNGH0.70 ▪ 0.00
3 hours ago
Last Trading ResultsGrowth & Valuation
Opening Price:0.70Earnings Per Share:0.0390
Day's Low Price:--Price/Earning Ratio:17.94
Day's High Price:--Dividend Per Share:0.00
Traded Volume:23,800Dividend Yield:0%
Number of Deals:--Shares Outstanding:12.29b
Value/Turnover:16,660.00Market Capitalization:8.60b
Monetary values are quoted in Ghana Cedi (GHS) unless otherwise stated

MTNGH Stock Market Performance


The last 10 trading days of activity of MTN Ghana (MTNGH)


Profile of Scancom Plc

Below is an abridged, consolidated report of the latest annual financial statements for Scancom Plc. The company’s financial year runs from January 1 to December 31. The reporting currency for the monetary data presented herein is the Ghana Cedi (GHS). All amounts are expressed in millions with the exception of per share items.

Income Statement
Total Revenue3,419.752,773.222,315.671,993.411,752.61
Cost of Revenue-1,185.20-931.85-960.43-763.45-599.16
Gross Profit2,234.551,841.371,355.241,229.961,153.45
Operating Expense-902.33-708.34-414.65-404.50-496.20
Other Op. Income-341.23-258.37-282.62-279.52-149.43
Non-Operating Income-21.96-54.19-34.97-37.11-9.84
Income Tax-254.27-277.95-192.21-152.20-136.59
Net Income714.77542.51430.79356.62361.38
Balance Sheet
Total Assets3,448.452,756.202,323.802,116.361,855.01
Total Liabilities1,579.811,132.331,135.441,083.79928.07
Total Equity1,868.641,623.871,188.361,032.57926.95
Equity & Liabilities3,448.452,756.202,323.802,116.361,855.01
Cash Flow Statement
Operating Activities391.32859.69437.83254.37296.32
Investing Activities-512.80-862.72-508.76-318.83-346.17
Financing Activities185.93-132.6086.04-7.74105.72
Net Cash Flow64.44-135.6315.11-72.2055.87
Cash & Cash Equiv.196.73151.67284.28242.43291.12

Scancom Plc operates in the Telecommunications sector, specifically, the Mobile Telecommunications industry. The company is led by Ebenezer Twum Asante (51) as its Chief Executive Officer, since 2015. The company's board of directors, chaired by Ishmael Yamson (76), is composed of eight members whose names are listed below.

  1. Yamson, Ishmael
  2. Asante, Ebenezer Twum
    Chief Executive Officer
  3. Kadri, Modupe Agbolade
    Chief Financial Officer
  4. Abeasi, Kwasi
    Non-Executive Director
  5. Perumal, Sugentharen
    Non-Executive Director
  6. Mupita, Ralph
    Non-Executive Director
  7. Jakoet, Fatima
    Non-Executive Director
  8. Pomes, Albert Fernandez
    Non-Executive Director
Factsheet of Scancom Plc
Mobile Telecommunications
MTN House, Independence Avenue, West Ridge, Accra, Ghana
+233-24-430-0000, +233-24-100-62279

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Comments (40)

  1. SarfoSarfo
    Feb 20, 2019 21:06 GMT

    Hasn't the mobile money trading of MTN share started? If not, when since we will soon be entering March!!!

    1. MabelMabel
      Mar 9, 2019 23:58 GMT

      MTN is a very shady company so don't be surprised if mobile money stock buyers are locked in without ever allowed to trade!

  2. Ibrahim AbubakarIbrahim Abubakar
    Jan 28, 2019 12:43 GMT

    Mtn shares keeps on decreasing. Please is there any reason

    1. MabelMabel
      Mar 9, 2019 23:53 GMT

      MTN's IPO price was 75p just about 6 months ago. Then they say they've grown the business by over 20%, digital revenue over 25%, data revenue over 30% but THEY PAY DIVIDEND OF ONLY 2 PESEWAS!!! What kind of scam life is this??

  3. KwakuKwaku
    Nov 22, 2018 18:45 GMT

    so what's driving down the MTNgh share price? whats the outlook like by end of the year? should we sell?

    1. Daniel DushieDaniel Dushie
      Dec 17, 2018 20:46 GMT

      My assessment is that because of the wide coverage of the IPO,and the fact that mobile money was used in some cases, there are a lot of people who hold small volumes of shares. Many retail shareholders may not have the tenacity to hold on their shares for a long time.As a result many will be selling theirs as the days go by.Long term investors may then buy their shares at a low price. This is part of the reason for the falling prices. The banking crisis has also had some effect, generally on the investment climate.
      If you have the ability to hold on longer to your shares,this time may be the best time to buy more/additional shares.
      The value of the shares will appreciate with time after many small holders have sold off their shares.
      The best time to buy is now. In addition as you hold more shares,and dividends are paid,you stand to benefit.
      Long term investors stand to benefit.

  4. RichardRichard
    Feb 25, 2019 00:15 GMT

    Pls I'm not a shareholder but I want to buy a share so what is the process I must go through ? Despite the fallen of the share price there is still a hope that it will rise up again .

  5. Paa KwesiPaa Kwesi
    Jan 22, 2019 16:06 GMT

    I have my shares in different names. Can I amalgamate them all under one name.

  6. JustJust
    Jan 22, 2019 23:12 GMT

    Mtn Shares is going down what is happening

  7. ToufiqToufiq
    Dec 7, 2018 23:56 GMT

    Hi , please how can I check the prices of the listed companies on the GSE and is it possible to still buy MTNGH shares through mobile money.

    1. Daniel DushieDaniel Dushie
      Dec 17, 2018 21:05 GMT

      You check listed companies and their share prices on the GSE by visit or type in Ghana Stock Exchange and you can get to their site.
      The mobile money platform has not been activated yet for trading,hence you cannot buy more shares by that means.
      If you new,that is yet to invest, you have to contact a broker. IC Securities GH limited will be helpful.

  8. JoelJoel
    Nov 10, 2018 09:09 GMT

    Good morning,
    Can i have any update on how the stock is performing today?

  9. CecilCecil
    Oct 23, 2018 12:11 GMT

    Anyway, I have created WhatsApp group for people who need help with this stock trading, especially people who bought MTN GHANA SHARE. I am also new to this and want to learn from other people. Here is a link below to join.

  10. Alhassan SualisuAlhassan Sualisu
    Oct 20, 2018 08:42 GMT

    What benefit does get from the IPO??

    1. CecilCecil
      Oct 23, 2018 12:12 GMT

      You get dividends

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