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Live share prices of stocks on Ghana Stock ExchangeLive share prices of stocks on Ghana Stock Exchange
GSE-CI IndexYear-to-DateMarket Cap.
3,172.35 (+0.00)+728.44 (29.81%)GHS 74.19Bn

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is the principal stock exchange of the country located in the capital Accra. Through its automated trading system, the GSE opens for continuous trading every working day from 10:00 to 15:00 GMT. Settlement of trades, handled by Bank of Ghana's Central Securities Depositary, is done on a T+3 basis (business days). Backed by the SEC, the regulatory body for the securities market in the country, the GSE has various investor protection provisions such as rules against insider trading as well as a fidelity fund to compensate investors for losses incurred as a result of malpractice by a licensed dealing member of the bourse.

In January 2011, the GSE began publishing two indices, namely, the GSE Composite Index (GSE-CI) and the GSE Financial Stocks Index (GSE-FSI). The GSE-CI is a market capitalization weighted index comprising all listed ordinary shares with the exception of those of listed companies that have shares listed on other markets. Calculation of the index is based on the volume-weighted average closing price of the constituent stocks. The GSE-FSI is exactly like the GSE-CI but has as its constituents stocks from the financials sector, including those in the banking and insurance industries. The GSE-CI is regarded as the benchmark index of the Ghana stock market.

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Monetary values are quoted in Ghana Cedi (GHS) unless otherwise stated

Listed companies/securities

The GSE has two categories of listing, namely, the main board and the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX). The GAX, operated as a parallel market since 2015, is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with strong growth potential. The table below presents equities from both categories. Currently, the types of stocks listed on the GSE are common stocks (ordinary shares), preferred stocks (preference shares), and exchange traded funds.

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GSE TRADING SUMMARY FOR FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2023: At the end of the last weekday of trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), a total of 5,025,099 shares, corresponding to a market value of GHS 7,173,038.15, were traded. The current market capitalization of the Ghana Stock Exchange is GHS 74.2 billion.

In the aggregate, 19 GSE listed equities participated in trading. There were no gainers nor losers. MTN Ghana recorded the highest volume of 5 million traded shares, followed by Aluworks (13,090), Ecobank Transnational (2,594) and CAL Bank (1,948).

Regarding the performance of GSE market indices, the benchmark GSE Composite Index (GSE-CI) did not see any change, closing at the same mark as it opened at 3,172.35, representing a 1-week gain of 0.13%, a 4-week gain of 2.84%, and an overall year-to-date gain of 29.81%. The GSE Financial Stocks Index (GSE-FSI) maintained its value at 1,890.13 points, making it a 1-week gain of 0.46%, a 4-week gain of 7.63%, and a year-to-date loss of 7.91%.

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  1. eyraeyra
    Sep 12, 2023 13:23 GMT

    When was the last time ETI pay dividend

    1. Richmond  AkakpoRichmond Akakpo
      Sep 14, 2023 12:09 GMT

      This year, the price was 0.11 cent US dollars ( 0.0011 US dollars)

  2. alexander Nyamekyealexander Nyamekye
    Sep 10, 2023 06:31 GMT

    Managers of ETI since its launch are such thieves in suits. After 15yrs. Price is still half less than we bought at launch. Ridiculous

  3. Ansong JedidiahAnsong Jedidiah
    Aug 12, 2023 20:49 GMT

    Please can I get data pertaining to the market value per share, earnings per share, dividend per share and the Internal Rate of Return of 15 companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange from 2017 to 2022. I needed it for a project work.

    1. Richmond AkakpoRichmond Akakpo
      Aug 24, 2023 09:17 GMT

      Download simply wall street you will get the required information

  4. Frederick kwasi NkanbilaFrederick kwasi Nkanbila
    Jul 19, 2023 21:43 GMT

    Please is it advisable for me to sell my shares in BOPP now and if yes which other shares will you advise me to buy.
    Thank you.

    1. Richmond  AkakpoRichmond Akakpo
      Jul 28, 2023 20:35 GMT

      You can buy GCB and MTN shares but don’t sell all the shares of BOPP

    Jul 6, 2023 01:34 GMT

    I live in Lagos can you suggest or recommend to me a reliable stock broker.

    I am interested in stocks of ETI, MTNGH,ADB,GCB

    Can you furnish me with the current prices of these stocks.

    1. hayfordhayford
      Jul 6, 2023 09:43 GMT

      you can contact ic securities limited or visit their website to make further enquires.

  6. Frederick kwasi NkanbilaFrederick kwasi Nkanbila
    Apr 18, 2023 21:28 GMT

    How many times do Fanmilk pays devidend and is it advisable to buy MTN shares at this time?

    1. john alexanderjohn alexander
      May 17, 2023 11:35 GMT

      they haven't paid a dividend since 2015/16. management decided to embark on expansion plans. that clearly hasn't worked out. fan milk is no longer the company it once was.

  7. FaridaFarida
    Mar 30, 2023 16:01 GMT

    Which if the shares would you advice me to buy and why?

    1. KofiKofi
      Apr 12, 2023 17:52 GMT

      MTNGH, BOPP , CAL, GCB, the first two are good dividend payers.... The banks are going through hard time hence they relatively cheap.... Buy the banks for the medium term

  8. Dinah AmankwahDinah Amankwah
    Feb 12, 2023 23:23 GMT

    How does a person buy stock?

    1. AADAAD
      Feb 13, 2023 20:22 GMT

      To start trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange, you should contact a licensed stockbroker of your choice. A stockbroker is a professional who will help you buy and sell shares on the stock exchange, as well as offer advice about securities in which to invest. You can see the full list of licensed dealing members of the Ghana Stock Exchange here:

      Now that you've picked your broker, you then proceed to open a securities account with the brokerage firm by completing an account opening form with your personal particulars, a passport picture, ID card, and contact address. The process of opening a CSD account is simple and free of charge but requires a minimum balance just as a bank account does.

      With your securities account confirmed, you can start trading in the shares of the listed companies either by direct placement of order at the broker's premises, phone call, or via the broker's online platform.

  9. ObedObed
    Jan 8, 2023 16:43 GMT

    Hey guys...please is there any WhatsApp group I can join to get current information on GSE...


    1. BedfordBedford
      Jan 21, 2023 15:51 GMT

      you can text me via WhatsApp number 0267-435241

  10. MichaelMichael
    Oct 19, 2022 11:14 GMT

    Hello Team, can you add prices at the start of the year of all stocks in your table to easily help know the price performance of each stock on a year-to-date basis?

    1. jhamesjhames
      Dec 16, 2022 18:57 GMT

      click on YTD and move cursor to see price at start of year

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